Spring Is Here. How to Brighten and Refresh Your Rooms With More Windows

Spring Is Here. How to Brighten and Refresh Your Rooms With More Windows

Spring is finally here, and with it is warmer weather, more sunshine, flowers blooming, trees coming back to life, and the annual tradition of spring cleaning. This year when spring cleaning your home, why not take it one step further than the usual deep clean and reorganization and brighten and refresh your house with home window replacement?

Window replacement is a great way to allow more natural light into your home, which not only imparts proven health benefits to you and your family by increasing your vitamin D intake and boosting your mood, but it also can increase your house's curb appeal and open up any room. If you're thinking about selling your home while the market is hot, some new windows could help you attract buyers.

You may be ready to begin brightening and refreshing your rooms by adding light-giving windows, but you also may be unsure about which windows would let the sunshine in. Below, we'll cover the top designs of windows that could deliver your home a spring refresh, and we'll cover how much a typical window replacement might cost so you can plan your home's new look for spring.

6 Window Replacement Design Ideas for Your Home

When looking for brightening up your rooms, you want to prioritize designs that will let in plenty of natural light. These six ideas for home window replacement designs can help brighten up and refresh your space:

1. Skylights

A well-placed skylight is one of the best ways to let more natural light into your home. They naturally reduce the glare from the sun while flooding the room with light, which makes any room they're installed in more warm, open, and welcoming. Skylights are also energy-efficient because they allow in more light and can help with ventilation.

2. Bay Windows

One of the best options for window replacement in a smaller room is a bay window. They flood the room with natural light, and because of their large size, they open up smaller spaces perfectly. Bay windows also have an alcove, which gives you more room to work with. You can create a reading nook, a sitting area, or a shelving area. The possibilities for how to use the extra space are endless.

3. Garden Windows

Garden windows are perfect for home window replacements in any room — not just your kitchen! Garden windows are typically seen in kitchens behind the sink, but they can be installed in any room you wish. They have the same advantages as bay windows in that they let in tons of natural light and also provide you with more shelving and storage space. You can also open them, which aids in ventilation and lets some fresh air in. And another perk: Garden windows are made of one-inch-thick insulated glass, so they help maintain the temperature in your home!

4. Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary windows, which means they don't open, so if you want a replacement window that makes a statement, lets in ample light, and you don't need additional airflow, picture windows are a great option for you! They provide ideal views and naturally brighten and refresh the space and make any room look bigger.

5. Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

Sliding glass doors and windows have the most benefits as far as your home window replacement options go. Sliding glass lets in an abundance of natural light, are perfect for smaller spaces as they don't need additional room to open, provides unhindered views, and provides ample ventilation and airflow.

6. Awning Windows

Awning windows are typically installed higher up on your wall and are a great option for smaller spaces if you want fresh air and natural light but still want privacy. Because they're installed higher on the wall, they're great for ventilation and let in a lot of fresh air, which will instantly refresh any room.

What Is the Average Cost to Replace Windows?

The total cost to replace your windows will vary on a few factors, such as how many windows you're replacing, whether new windows are being added, and what style of window frame and glass is being used.

It's important to remember that while you might be spending a little more on windows upfront, you're investing in your home, increasing its resale value, and investing in your overall quality of life. Plus, the return on your investment for window replacement is pretty high, with the average return at about 68%.

If you're ready to take your spring cleaning to the next level this year and want to brighten up and refresh your home, you don't need to Google "the best window replacement near me" — we've already got you (and a wide swath of Texas) covered. Contact Expo Home Improvement today to work with your high-quality and local home window replacement experts.