5 Top Window Trends in 2022

5 Top Window Trends in 2022

Whether installed into a new or existing home, windows are a significant investment in your property. Homeowners are eager to conduct their research and carefully choose windows that will suit their home and lifestyle for years to come.

Even in an existing home where windows are being replaced, homeowners have plenty of options to consider when choosing the window style, technical specifications, trim, and other elements that affect window performance and its aesthetic qualities.

To help you understand the current trending window options and why they might be a fit for you and your home, we've pulled together a list of the top five window replacement trends shaping the window market in 2022.

1. Oversized Windows, Wider Views

Homeowners are realizing the big benefits that come with larger windows—particularly when it comes to enjoying a better view and filling your home with natural light. Oversized windows are gaining in popularity for all of these reasons, creating increased demand for window dimensions that have expanded upon more common window sizes of the past.

In new homes, these new window dimensions are being accounted for in building blueprints. For existing homes, larger windows are being fitted into existing window spaces to increase the amount of natural light coming into those interior spaces. Picture windows are also increasing in popularity because of the uninterrupted view they offer.

If you're unhappy with the size of your home's windows and the natural light they offer, increasing their size could give your home a dramatic makeover.

2. Bay Window Replacement

Bay windows have become popular not only for the wider-angle view they offer of the outdoors, but also for the extra space they create in a home. Bay windows can be equipped with a bench seat to turn the window into a focal point of your home.

Even if you don't build a bench into the window space itself, a separate bench or other piece of furniture can be added near your bay window to draw attention to this feature. Bay window replacements have become a popular option when looking to upgrade existing windows from more basic window designs.

3. Energy-Efficient Window Replacement

While the current design trends may always change, the value of energy-efficient windows is likely to maintain or increase in importance over time. Energy-efficient windows play a key role in reducing heat transfer through the glass, which can lead to lower energy bills in both the summer and winter months.

All new windows are measured for energy efficiency according to two key metrics: the window's U-factor, and its solar heat gain coefficient. In general, higher energy performance scores will increase the cost of the window itself, but those costs could be made up quickly as the window supports lower utilities payments over the lifetime of the fixture.

Brands like Jeld-Wen and (Pella windows) have a wide range of windows offering different measurements of energy efficiency, making it easy to balance cost with energy performance.

4. Black-Trimmed Windows

Black trim and other dark colors are currently enjoying a moment of heightened popularity, especially when paired with homes painted in lighter tones. These darkened window frames can add elegance to your home at a nominal cost, and they can be seamlessly incorporated into many different home design styles.

Depending on the type of material you choose for your trim, you can also change the color of the trim in the future as home decor trends evolve.

5. Glass Entries for Increased Natural Light

Looking for a simple upgrade to dramatically increase the potential natural light in your home? A full glass entry door can increase the amount of natural light entering your home, giving you greater control over indoor lighting at a cost-efficient price point.

A glass entry may be particularly attractive to homeowners looking for better visibility of their outdoor spaces. A glass door opening onto your backyard, for example, may offer functional benefits by helping you monitor pets, kids, or other conditions in those spaces. When privacy is desired, window covers or other treatments can be used to obscure views of your home's interior.

As you move closer to making a decision on your home's windows, it's important to connect with a professional window installer who can discuss inventory options and help you identify specific windows best-suited to your home.

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