How Long Will It Take to Install My New Bathtub or Shower?

How Long Will It Take to Install My New Bathtub or Shower?

Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an existing bathroom, the construction timelines for various home projects can affect how quickly you can move into your home or regain the full use of your bathroom.

Bathroom construction and remodeling typically don't bring the same kind of disruption that can come with kitchen remodels and other home construction projects, but they can still be a source of inconvenience when your home is forced to operate with one less bathroom. When planning new bathroom constructions or remodels, homeowners need to be prepared for these timelines to plan accordingly.

Curious about the time required to complete a new bathtub or shower installation? Here's what to expect—as well as different circumstances that can affect the overall installation timeline.

Comparing Bathtub Replacement Projects to New Bathroom Construction

Although the circumstances involved in each construction project can vary widely, new bathroom constructions and bathroom remodels often face similar constraints and challenges when it comes to setting timelines for these projects. The lead time for ordering and receiving certain fixtures and materials, for example, will be the same for both new bathroom constructions and bathroom remodels—and depending on the specific items ordered, this lead time could extend into weeks or months.

In general, new bathroom constructions are faster and easier to plan because they don't involve any bathroom demolition, and because construction of different phases of the bathroom itself can often be combined with construction of other parts of the home. The process of drywalling a bathroom, for example, can occur at the same time that drywalling is being performed on other rooms in the new home construction.

For most homeowners, the biggest difference between remodels and new constructions is that remodels may interrupt your current home routine. If you already live in the home where the bathroom is being remodeled, you will need to have a plan for getting by without that bathroom until the renovation is complete.

How to Remove a Bathtub

Most bathroom demolition projects can be completed within one or two days. As part of that demolition, you may need to remove a bathtub from your home.

While you can always hire a home improvement company to handle the bathroom demolition, many homeowners may be interested in handling this removal on their own—either to save on home renovation costs, or to tackle bathroom remodel on their own.

Regardless of the reason for removing a bathtub, you will likely need multiple sets of hands to help haul the bathtub out of your home. Before removing the tub from your home, you will need to shut off water supply to the plumbing fixtures in the bathtub, and remove those fixtures from the tub itself. From there, you will need to remove the caulk, tile and other materials helping to keep the tub in place, and must then pull the tub to remove it from its placement in your bathroom.

Once free, you can pick it up and safely remove it from the bathroom.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Walk-In Shower?

Walk-in showers represent a more basic shower installation option, especially if you choose a pre-fabricated fixture that can be easily installed into your home. Even with a pre-fab option, though, you should prepare for an installation period between three and five days.

Keep in mind that the timeline for a walk-in shower installation can vary depending on many different factors, including the type of tile you choose, the size of shower you select, and even the shower door that is paired with the walk-in shower. Certain types of shower door installation, such as frameless models, are more complicated to install and may involve a longer timeline than more basic shower door designs.

If you're working with a bathroom remodeler to complete this project, keep in touch with your main point of contact to stay up-to-date on expected construction timelines.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Full-Size Tub?

Once the area for a tub installation has been cleared out, cleaned and prepped, the actual tub installation could be completed within a day's work, barring any unforeseen challenges.

This doesn't mean, however, that the tub will be ready for use. After the tub has been installed, you will likely need to finish installing the tile and grout or other finishes in the bathtub space. The same is true for caulk and tub accessories such as a shower door. These related renovation projects could require multiple days to be completed, so it's important to stay in touch with your contractor for up-to-date information on your tub installation.

Your bathroom remodeler may have limited control over the length of time required to complete a bathtub or shower installation, but that service provider should still be able to offer clear timelines and flexibility in when that installation process begins. If you value communication in the home construction process, seek out a bathroom remodeling company that will provide you with clear expectations and up-to-date information about construction timelines.

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