Replacement Window Price Comparisons in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Replacement Window Price Comparisons in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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We Knew We’d Been Coming Out on Top in the Price War for Years…


We knew that our formula for selling high-quality windows at a low price was a winner. After all, Window Expo has grown EVERY year since we started in 2006 because people love value pricing on high-quality windows.

But after we conducted a blind price quote comparison, even we were surprised by just how much better our prices are. Our two biggest competitors WERE ALMOST DOUBLE our prices in the comparison. If you are getting several windows replaced, this would mean THOUSANDS of DOLLARS WASTED for any customer choosing these well-known companies.

Another competitor came closer, but even they were almost 10% higher than us. If you are replacing multiple windows, this will add up to hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars.

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money!

Just to be clear, our windows stack up “pound for pound” in quality, in energy efficiency, and professional installation against these competitor windows. The only “competitors” we can’t beat are those selling lesser quality windows along with a poor record of service.

We also hear stories all the time from customers who shop at the Big Box stores with national reputations. They tell us they just assumed that these chains will have the best prices because of the volume they do. WRONG. We consistently hear prices that are significantly higher than Window Expo prices in “apples to apples” comparisons.

Window Expo Can Deliver Both Low Prices & Quality and Can Prove It To You with a Free Quote. We’ve got Energy Efficient Windows Backed by Outstanding Warranties. We’re an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Company and Well-Established Local Business with Proven Installers. Usually, you expect to pay a premium for this kind of track record. But as our price comparison shows, we give you the BEST of BOTH WORLDS.