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3 Elements of a Well-Performing Front Door

3 Elements of a Well-Performing Front Door

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A front door is like an appliance. You might not think about it much until you're using it and start experiencing problems. Then you wonder why you got it in the first place. The main difference is that while maybe a few guests will use your appliances, every guest will use your front door.

The truth is, choosing an inferior front door increases the chance that you'll experience problems sooner rather than later. Let's help you choose a well-performing door with these three important elements in mind.

1. High-Quality Materials

The material your front door is made of can make a significant difference in its performance and longevity. While wood doors are the traditional choice—and offer timeless charm—they may require more maintenance to withstand the elements and daily use. Metal doors (like steel), on the other hand, provide excellent security and durability with minimal required upkeep.

Another option is fiberglass. These types of doors offer benefits of both options listed above, as they mimic the look of wood while delivering superior resistance to warping, cracking and rotting. When you choose a front door, ensuring the materials will last is key if you want it to perform consistently over the years.

2. Security Features

A front door is the primary barrier between your home and the outside world—and that includes unsolicited sales visits and even potential criminals who want to access it. As such, security is a top priority. Consider opting for a door equipped with robust locking mechanisms and reinforced construction so it offers peace of mind against unwanted visitors and criminals. Other security features to consider for a front door include multi-point locking systems, heavy-duty deadbolts and impact-resistant materials (as we discussed above). You want your door to look good, but it should also serve as a reliable safeguard for your family and belongings, performing predictably day in and day out.

3. Energy Efficiency

The front door has more of an impact on your home's overall energy efficiency than you might think. Poorly insulated doors can lead to significant energy loss, higher utility bills and a less-comfortable interior. Pay attention to features like insulation, weatherstripping, thermal breaks and any glass inserts. A good indication that a door complies with rigorous energy efficiency standards is if it has an Energy Star certification. Choosing the right door will seal out drafts and maintain consistent indoor temperatures, in addition to other benefits.

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