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4 Bathtub Upgrades Dallas-Fort Worth Residents Should Consider

4 Bathtub Upgrades Dallas-Fort Worth Residents Should Consider

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With the state of the housing market in Dallas-Fort Worth over the past couple of years, many people were lucky to find a home at all, much less the one of their dreams. Many residents stayed in their existing homes and took on home improvement projects in DFW.

Take a bathtub upgrade, for example. Like many other forms of home improvement, you have options, which have different benefits for different needs. Let's discuss four of the most popular and recommended Dallas bathtub options available today.

1. Walk-In Bath

If you have elderly family members or loved ones with limited abilities in your house, a walk-in bath can improve the safety and convenience of your bathroom. With a walk-in bath, the door swings inward for easy access and there is even a sitting area for added comfort. These walk-in tubs have the lowest and safest step-in threshold of any tub on the market in Dallas-Fort Worth today.

2. Jacuzzi® Tub

Another tub that is available in a walk-in version, a jacuzzi tub, mimics a hot tub with its heat elements and jets. If you have extra space in your bathroom and are interested in a bathtub upgrade, a jacuzzi tub can fit the bill. Not only will you add a new way to relax and rejuvenate, but you'll be potentially increasing the value and appeal of your home as well.

3. Freestanding Bath

Also known as a standalone tub, a freestanding bath offers a bathtub upgrade that makes a statement in your Dallas home. Standing alone, they add a modern look to your bathroom and can enhance other design choices. Whether you're looking for a style upgrade or a soaking oasis, a freestanding tub can deliver the hydrotherapy experience you're seeking.

4. Bath-Shower Combo

Last, but not least (there are several other bathtub upgrade options available) is the bath-shower combo. Like it sounds, this is a combination bathtub and shower and is an ideal replacement for a walk-in shower or traditional bath. With a bath-shower combo, you get the convenience of two bathing options, which is ideal for homes with multiple people. It can also save space compared to standalone tubs and showers, so it makes sense for several North Texas home situations.

If you're interested in a bathtub upgrade in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Expo Home Improvement today for a no-obligation quote.