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4 Summer Home Improvement Projects You Should Start Now

4 Summer Home Improvement Projects You Should Start Now

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Time waits for no homeowner. But many of us still put off maintenance tasks and to-do lists until it's too late (or not an ideal time, at least). Home improvements are no exception.

If you're planning on completing a few summer projects around the house this year, the time to start is now. Why? As we approach summer, it will be more difficult to schedule them, supplies may run low, and you put yourself at risk for other last-minute problems popping up.

1. Improve Insulation

This is one of the most important ones to complete early, as summer heat will put stress on interior temperatures (and your home's HVAC system) if there isn't proper insulation. Especially for areas like the attic, you want to ensure the insulation is effective, of high quality and installed properly. At Expo Home Improvement, our eShield™ foil insulation is able to stop more than 97 percent of radiant heat, so it's an excellent option to consider for a summer project.

2. Front Door Replacement

From spring to summer, many homeowners have an urge to switch things up. The front door is one of the easiest ways to do this, whether you simply give it a new coat of paint or you swap out the door entirely. The latter might be a better option, as you want your door to be strong, secure, energy efficient and attractive. If your current door isn't any of those, it might be time for a switch. Also, consider replacing or adding a storm door as well.

3. Install New Windows

Another energy efficiency opportunity, your windows can leave your home unprotected from the Texas climate. Windows need to be the right type, measured correctly, and the best materials need to be used to ensure your window installation is done right the first time (with minimal effort and oversight from your part).

4. Other Interior Improvements

Finally, it's a good time to make home improvements, in general. As mentioned above, many home improvement companies and contractors get booked up during the busy summer months and it's difficult to get on their schedule. So, whether you're interested in a bathtub upgrade, a bathtub-shower conversion or another interior home improvement, start researching and calling companies now.

If you need help with summer home improvement projects like windows, doors, bath upgrades and insulation, contact Expo Home Improvement today at 972-833-4752.