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5 House Remodeling Ideas for First-Time Home Buyers

5 House Remodeling Ideas for First-Time Home Buyers

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If you're shopping for your first house, chances are high that you might have to choose one that requires a little… love. (This is typically called a "fixer-upper," because there are some areas of the home that likely need fixing.)

Or you might want to immediately upgrade your new home to improve or match your lifestyle.

Whatever your reason—all are valid to us—here are 5 house remodeling ideas for first-time home buyers.

1. Replace or Refinish Flooring

It can be tough to negotiate flooring replacement for first-time home buyers, even though it's usually needed. Carpets are especially known for harboring hidden germs and dirt from previous homeowners and it's an ideal time to replace it before you start moving your furniture and other belongings in. If you can't afford to replace or refinish flooring in the entire home—the budget for first-time home buyers is usually pretty tight—at least consider replacing wood floors or carpet in the areas that get the most traffic.

2. Replace Your Bathtub

Another element of the home that can cause first-time home buyers to squirm is the bathtub. After all, thinking about how many times the previous occupants have used the bathroom causes most of us to think about all of the germs potentially lying in wait there. Replacing the bathtub is a smart initial house remodeling idea, as you can pick the style of tub you want (e.g., walk-in tub). Or you can convert the bathtub into a bath-shower combo or another option.

3. Update Windows

If you want to improve your home's energy efficiency from the start (and already increase its value), consider updating the windows. Window replacements featuring modern, energy-efficient features can save you money with your utility bills and put less pressure on your heating and cooling systems. Even if you don't have standard-shaped windows, custom windows can be an option and Expo Home Improvement is happy to provide them.

4. Add Insulation

Another good way to start saving on energy costs is with insulation. Especially ideal before the winter or summer months, insulation keeps your home energy efficient and helps with soundproofing as well. The time between when you buy the home and move in is ideal for this, as you won't have to figure out what to do with your belongings or move them somewhere while the insulation is being added or replaced.

5. Paint!

Last, but not least, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for improving the aesthetics and feel of your first home. You want to feel comfortable during this new adventure and a coat of paint is an easy, affordable way to freshen up the look of your new residence. This is another house remodeling idea that is easier when your stuff isn't occupying the space.

These are just a few house remodeling ideas for first-time home buyers. To learn more about our home improvement services and get a no-obligation quote, contact Expo Home Improvement today.