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5 Ideas for Making Your Shower Safer

5 Ideas for Making Your Shower Safer

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As we age, it's more important than ever to create a safe environment in our homes. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "more than one out of four Americans age 65+ falls each year." Additionally, "falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults."

One of the riskiest areas in the home is the shower. But there are ways to improve its safety. From installing grab bars to a walk-in tub or a bath-to-shower conversion, there are several ways to do just that. Let's go over five ideas to make your shower safer.

1. Install Grab Bars

Adding grab bars and/or handrails is a great way to improve the safety of an existing shower without replacing it. If you go this route, consider adding them to both the entry and shower interior, as they are spots where support is most needed. You want to feel safe entering, exiting and maneuvering within the shower.

2. Convert or Upgrade It

There are several conversion options that will make your shower safer. For one, you could replace it with a walk-in bath via a shower-to-tub conversion. Or, you could simply opt for a model with a lower threshold—there are low-step, walk-in and roll-in options. If none of these quite work for you, a custom shower is always worth considering.

3. Incorporate Non-Slip Flooring

Showers are obviously risky due to the presence of moisture, especially if the floor or seating areas are slippery. Non-Slip flooring like textured tiles or mats, however, can increase traction and prevent accidental falls. Choose a material that makes you feel most secure.

4. Get a Shower Seat or Bench

If you have trouble standing for extended periods of time, a shower seat or bench is an improvement idea. You can sit, relax and not worry about slipping or become too tired. Just make sure it's strategically placed and positioned correctly (as well as waterproof).

5. Enhance Lighting and Visibility

Finally, make sure there is adequate lighting in key areas like the entrance and shower floor. There are waterproof LED light options that can reduce the risk of accidents, or you can adjust the lighting above and around the shower. This idea is especially beneficial for those experiencing vision problems.

These ideas are presented as a starting point. To continue researching how you can add a customized look to your shower space and how to make it safer, contact Expo Home Improvement for more shower ideas and a no-obligation quote. We'd love to help you create a safe shower in your Texas home.