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5 Walk-In Tub Features You Might Not Know About

5 Walk-In Tub Features You Might Not Know About

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Have you ever been surprised by a large medical or automobile bill? And the surprise was that you didn't know about it, not the issue itself? The same can happen with products that we buy. They still have the same features they had when you bought it; you might just not know it yet.

Walk-in tubs, for example, have a surprising number of benefits beyond giving people the ability to walk in or out of them. Let's go over a few of the most eye-opening features of walk-in tubs you might not know about.

1. Hydrotherapy Jets

Those with pain issues will gravitate toward the jet therapy features of walk-in tubs. These strategically placed jets alleviate muscle pain with streams of water that improve circulation and overall relaxation. Furthermore, you don't have to bend much due to the tub's walk-in design, a welcome sight for any sore athlete.

2. Aromatherapy Dispensers

Add essential soils and other dispensed products straight from the tub with this stress-relieving feature. Aromatherapy is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation, so a walk-in tub with an aromatherapy dispenser is the next step in creating a spa-like environment at home.

3. Heated Seats

You probably know about one benefit of walk-in tubs when it comes to seats in that they have them. You might even know that seats are contoured for comfort, which is important for longer bathing sessions. But did you know that there are features that heat the seat, backrest and other elements of the walk-in tub? The possibilities are nearly endless, so if there's a feature you're thinking about, ask your walk-in tub expert if it's a possibility.

4. Quick-Fill and -Drain Technology

It's not very luxurious if it takes half the day to do it. Many bathtub owners find this out the hard way with traditional, large- capacity tubs that must not only be monitored and filled by hand, but drained and monitored by hand as well.

5. Safety Grips and Grab Bars

Grips are another common feature many know about, but not everyone knows that you can customize the placement of these bars, both on where you grip the bars and where the bars themselves attach to your tub. Furthermore, there are a wide number of other safety features to give you peace of mind, such as slip-resistant flooring and smart lighting.

These are just a few walk-in tub features you might not know about. To learn more about walk-in tubs, walk-in tub installs and anything else walk-in tub-related, contact Expo Home Improvement today!