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5 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

5 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

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When it comes to home design, many people focus primarily on their home's interior, but what if we told you that your exterior design is just as important as your interior? Homes aren't books, after all, and they are judged by their covers, or in this case, their exterior design. Whether you have a traditional home exterior or a modern exterior, your exterior design can greatly impact your home's value, curb appeal, and the level of satisfaction you feel about your home.

Below, we'll go over the top five ways to transform the exterior of your home with elegant yet simple house exterior design ideas.

Five Ways to Transform Your Home's Exterior

Doing these five things are sure to refresh your home:

1. Invest in new windows

Windows play a significant role in the look of your home. The quickest and best way to update the exterior of your home is by swapping out your old windows for new ones. The great thing about windows is that you have so many options at your disposal. Whether you want to create a reading nook with a bay window, add a garden window above your kitchen sink, install a picture window in your living room for an unobscured view, or simply replace all the single-hung windows for double-hung ones… the possibilities are endless. Replacing your windows not only refreshes the look of your home but can also save you money and increase the safety of your home.

2. Replace your front door

Another great way to instantly boost the look and feel of your home is to replace your front door. Your front door makes the first and biggest impression on others, and updating it is the perfect way to showcase your style. Whether you want a more traditional home exterior or a modern exterior, there are countless options for you to choose from. You can customize your new front door based on material, style, size, and color. You can also decide if you want windows on your door or not, and you can even add a storm door, too.

3. Refresh your paint

Another great way to transform the exterior of your home is by repainting your home. This year the top trends in exterior paint include warm earthy tones like clay, rust, and sand; all black which is the perfect modern exterior design color; warm whites, soft greys, bold greens, and muted navy. The hardest part about refreshing the paint on your home's exterior will be choosing just one color! Whatever color you decide on, make sure that it complements the style and aesthetic of your home — that is always a great place to start if you are having trouble deciding. And when it comes to the exterior design for small houses, you want to make sure to stick with a lighter color; dark colors can make your home look smaller.

4. Revamp your landscaping

Nothing catches the eye quite like some beautiful foliage. If you want to freshen up the exterior of your home but aren't ready to make big changes to your actual home, adding some new landscaping is a great place to start. Consider planting new trees or bushes, lining your walkway with flowers, adding hanging plants to your porch, or even adding a small pond or fountain. Removing some of your existing landscaping or adding fresh sod to your yard will greatly transform the exterior of your home as well.

5. Replace your hardware

From your door handle to your house number, there's more hardware on the exterior of your home than you realize and the hardware that you choose can be a subtle yet effective way to make your home's other features — like the front door, windows, and paint color — all pop. A quick way to spice up your home's look is to replace your hardware. You can go with a satin nickel finish to brighten up your home or choose a dark polished nickel finish for a more modern exterior look.

Transforming the exterior of your home doesn't have to be a massive undertaking. Sometimes a few simple updates are all it takes to make your home feel brand new. If you're interested in transforming the exterior of your home with new windows or a new front door, contact your local experts at Expo Home Improvement today!