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6 Features the Best Walk-In Baths Have in Common

6 Features the Best Walk-In Baths Have in Common

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At first glance, it may be difficult to tell which home improvement options are the best to prioritize. Should you replace your windows? Is a new front door more important? What about insulation? This even applies to bathroom remodeling options like bathtubs.

Speaking of, walk-in baths may be more important than you might think, as it benefits both your safety and comfort. If you do end up considering a walk-in tub, here are several features the best options have in common.

1. Low Thresholds

A low step-in threshold is a must with a walk-in bath, as it allows for easy entry and exit. It also minimizes the risk of tripping or falling. The best walk-in baths have a threshold of just a few inches high and some are even available at floor level, which makes for a seamless transition into the bathing area.

2. Non-Slip Flooring

Another important safety feature is a non-slip surface, specifically in the flooring and seat areas. You want traction in a walk-in bath to provide stability while bathing, which is inherently more difficult because of moisture. Non-slip floors and seats ensure a safe bathing experience for individuals of all ages.

3. Built-In Grab Bars

The top walk-in bathtub options these days will have strategically placed grab bars for added safety and support. These are essential for certain people, as they help with balance while entering, exiting or maneuvering inside the bath. Grab bars don't have to compromise the aesthetics of the bathtub, however, and the best walk-in baths are ergonomically designed to do just that.

4. Hydrotherapy / Jets

Bathtubs with jets are a sought-after home improvement in general, but did you know that you can get a walk-in tub with jets as well? Hydrotherapy features are luxurious and provide a soothing massage effect, easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. Jets also add bubbles to enhance your bathing routine and make it feel similar to a hot tub.

5. Quick-Drain Technology

Traditional baths can take a while to drain, but the best walk-in tubs are designed with quick-drain technology. This is especially important for walk-in baths because you usually have to wait for the water to drain before exiting the bath. Quick-drain technology is a must for convenience purposes alone.

6. Customizable Options

Everyone has unique needs and preferences, so having options with features that you can customize is an added benefit. The best walk-in baths will let you have choices when it comes to add-ons like handheld showerheads, aromatherapy, finishes, styles and more.

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