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Are Custom Windows a Fit for My Home?

Are Custom Windows a Fit for My Home?

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There's a difference between general sizing and custom sizing. Look at shirts, for example. A custom-tailored shirt that is designed for the individual could give that person an edge during interviews by making them look slightly more professional than the other candidates.

The same goes for your home and its windows. Are custom windows a fit for your home? Is it better to retrofit windows or choose a full-frame window replacement? There are pros and cons that come with each option. Let's take a look at them, as well as the costs and benefits of new window installations in general.

Benefits of New Custom Windows

New Custom Windows

First off, what would motivate you to get new windows in the first place, much less custom ones? There are many benefits to custom new windows that go beyond simply improved physical appearance. These benefits include:

  • Increased energy efficiency: better barriers against energy loss

  • Reduced maintenance: vinyl material is resistant to warping

  • Noise reduction: engineered for sound control and a peaceful home

  • Improved function: no more foggy windows or windows that won't open

  • Better aesthetics: improved curb appeal and home beauty

Once you decide whether custom windows make sense for you, deciding on the type of replacement is the next step.

Retrofitting vs. Full-Frame Replacement

Ask yourself whether the frames need to be replaced or if you're interested in replacing glass only. This will dictate the scope and budget of the project, as full-frame window replacements replace the entire frame and glass, while a retrofit means only the sash is removed. There are also different types of frames. Here are some of the most common window frame styles out there that can be replaced:

  • Single-hung windows

  • Awning windows

  • Bay windows

  • Bow windows

  • Casement windows

  • Garden windows

  • Double-hung windows

  • Picture windows

  • Sliding windows

Cost of Replacing Windows

Again, the cost depends on whether you're retrofitting a window replacement or doing a full-frame replacement, as well as what style of window you're replacing. The best way to understand the cost for replacing the windows on your home is to contact a local window replacement company like Expo Home Improvement by calling us at the number on our website or filling out our free quote request form to get a free quote and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Then you'll be able to weigh the costs of an initial investment versus the long-term savings you'll have on future energy bills.

If you're still asking yourself "are custom windows a fit for my home," we'd encourage you to consult the experts today as custom windows, like custom-tailored shirts, are specific to your needs.

If you're interested in custom windows, contact us today for a free quote and consultation!