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Bathroom Remodels: Should You Go Large or Small?

Bathroom Remodels: Should You Go Large or Small?

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No matter your role or industry, you're empowered with decisions throughout your day. Some have a big impact. Others, not so much. But they are decisions and you often have to make them.

The same goes for bathroom remodels.

You have both small and large options to enhance your bathroom's look. Which makes sense for you? Let's go over a few deciding factors for each to help you determine how much of a bathroom remodel you really need.

Benefits of Large Bathroom Remodels

There are obvious circumstances when a large remodel makes the most sense for your bathroom, such as when you're making a significant number of improvements or it's no longer functional for your needs. But here are some of the other benefits of large bathroom remodels:

  • It potentially increases the value of your property.

  • You have more control about customizing the look and feel.

  • Hidden structural issues can be addressed.

  • You can better optimize the function and flow of the space.

Benefits of Small Bathroom Remodels

Then again, there are equally as many bathroom remodels that serve their purposes with a smaller scope (e.g., downsizing, converting one element like the bathtub, etc.). Here are some of the benefits of small bathroom remodels:

  • They're quicker than large bathroom remodels.

  • They tend to cost less than big jobs.

  • You can focus on the specific upgrades, looks or functions you want.

  • It reduces waste and keeps the project more environmentally friendly.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Remodel Size for You

At the end of the day, going large or small with your bathroom remodel is most often dictated by your budget and how much of a change you want to make. But other factors like the size of the space, scope of changes, desired timeline, personal style and needed function can all give you priorities on different directions to take. Your best bet might be consulting with a home improvement professional before making a decision.

After all, the decision to go for a large or small bathroom remodel ultimately depends on you and your specific circumstances. If you're considering a bathroom remodel, contact Expo Home Improvement today at 469-871-5399 and we'll be happy to answer your questions or provide a no-obligation estimate.