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Can any tub be converted into a shower and vice-versa?

Can any tub be converted into a shower and vice-versa?

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Can any tub be used in a tub to shower conversion? What about transforming a shower into a bathtub?

Can Any Tub be used in a Tub to Shower Conversion? - Bath Expo TexasGrowing up, our parents always said "anything is possible." But as you grow older you start to realize that perhaps maybe not just anything is feasible when it comes to home improvement. One common bathroom improvement we're often asked about is our tub to shower conversion work, and the other way around, shower to tub. The good news is that in this case: almost anything is possible!

However, there are a few parameters to think about if you're considering converting these spaces in your dream bathroom.

Plumbing Possibilities

The best part of a shower to tub or a tub to shower conversion is that our master plumbers typically do not have to move plumbing. This can be one of the biggest headaches of any bathroom remodel, and Expo Home Improvement's approach to conversions can be a big relief. Because you aren't moving water supply or drain lines, we can make simple modifications to save you big money on plumbing costs.

You can rest assured that any simple issues will be completed by some of the most experienced and qualified professionals around because we only perform this work with master plumbers. The best part is it often can happen in as little as one day.

Functionality & Space

A tub to shower conversion can generally be done within the footprint of your existing bathtub. If you remove the tub, you are left with plentiful footprint to build a luxurious shower . If you have a free-standing tub or a window, don't rule out a tub to shower conversion. We can usually plan around these kinds of challenges.

On the other hand, converting a shower to a tub may be a bit more complex, depending upon the current dimensions of your shower. Because most building codes specify that the floor of a shower stall should at least be 30 inches square, you may end up short on space for the new tub.

Either way, don't worry too much, our design consultants can help plan a conversion to meet your specific desires while maximizing the available space in your bathroom. Also, if you ever change your mind about the conversion, the great news is that it is incredibly easy to reverse.

Features & Fixtures

No matter the bathtub or shower, Expo Home Improvement can personalize your new space with matching fixtures and tons of features so that it's perfect.

If you're considering a tub to shower conversion, one thing to think about is your shower door. If you have a smaller bathroom, a sliding glass door can maximize space. If you'd prefer a hinged door, we'll plan and allocate space for the door to open and close.

Both of these kinds of conversions come with different benefits for cleaning and safety. With tons of options for seating, grab bars, shelving and more, Expo Home Improvement can help you choose the right accessories to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

Curious to see if you your tub can be used in a tub to shower conversion… or vice versa?

Let our experts do the hard work. Beginning with accurate measurements and a solid design plan, we guide you through the process. Don't forget: most simple tub-to-shower conversions take as little as a day to complete. Get started today with a free quote.