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Celebrating the Holidays: WEBE Family Traditions

Celebrating the Holidays: WEBE Family Traditions

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Christmas may be different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t uphold our favorite holiday traditions. Eating delicious food, decorating the tree, looking at lights, and spending time with family are some of the best parts of the season. This time of year is all about celebrating with the ones we love the most. Our family traditions make the holidays special and unique. Typically, these traditions involve gathering together, sharing a meal, and spending quality time with family. Because of the unprecedented times we are in, this year will look different, but we can still find a way to celebrate the holiday season. Here’s how a few of our team members are safely continuing their family’s traditions.

“Every year my family drives around to look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. We never go very far, but we choose a day, pile in the car, and go. Everyone has some hot cocoa in a thermos and we just enjoy the show. I am so happy that with all going on this year we don’t have to change a thing!”


“Our family tradition is all about the food we share together!  And even though we won’t be eating around the same table this year, we all agreed to prepare the same meal and zoom call each other to enjoy.  We also go around the table and share blessings of the year and always end with the story of Jesus’ Birth and prayer.”

Christmas Eve: Tamales, my family’s 3-day Pinto Beans and a Honey-Soaked Grapefruit & Avocado side.

Christmas Day: Gramma’s Insanely Amazing Prime Rib!


“It is a Korean tradition to bow to our elders every New Years’ day.  Therefore, I bow to my parents and my in-laws. My children bow to me, my husband and both grandparents. After the bow, the elders give us money in an envelope – the amount varies according to wealth and age.  😊 We have upheld this tradition to respect my parent’s culture and my heritage even though I was born in the states.”


“This year, we’ve started a new tradition in my family. Within the past year, I have found out through DNA tests that I am 37.5% Ashkenazi Jewish which makes my mother 75% ethnically Jewish. I knew growing up that my mother’s side of the family was Jewish, but I never knew or heard much about it. After finding this out, it sparked an interest with me and my sisters to learn more about our Jewish heritage. We’ve always only celebrated Christmas, but recently learned that my mom celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas growing up (her mother was Jewish and her step-dad was a Christian). So, we’ve decided to celebrate both holidays this year as an homage to our heritage! We have had so much fun learning about this side of us and hope to carry this on in the years to come.”


We loved hearing about how some of our team members spend their holidays. How does your family celebrate?