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CEO of Expo Home Improvement Ranks Top 10 in Power100

CEO of Expo Home Improvement Ranks Top 10 in Power100

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Expo Home Improvement, a leading home improvement company, is proud to announce that its CEO, Paul Dietzler, has been recognized and ranked among Power100's Top 100 CEOs for 2023. This prestigious accolade highlights Mr. Dietzler's outstanding leadership, vision, and determination in driving success for the organization. The highly esteemed accomplishment comes at a pivotal moment for the CEO as he experiences a strong lift within the company.

Power 100

The Power100 is an annual ranking that celebrates the most influential and accomplished CEOs in the remodeling industries, and Dietzler's inclusion in this esteemed list showcases his exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to excellence. Power 100 sets out to recognize the nation's top window and door leaders using their 5-layer ranking system.

About the CEO

Paul Dietzler got his start in providing excellent customer service when he worked for a world-renowned hospitality company. Wanting to experience change, he and his wife made the move to Texas and started Expo Home Improvement. Since then, Dietzler's leadership has not only driven impressive financial growth for the company but has also reinforced the organization's commitment to corporate social responsibility. Emphasizing sustainable practices and community outreach, Expo Home Improvement has undeniably impacted numerous lives while striving to leave a positive legacy.

In addition to his role as CEO, Dietzler actively participates in philanthropic initiatives, supporting various charitable causes through his non-profit organization, and inspiring positive change both within the company and the community.

As Expo Home Improvement continues to innovate and evolve, Mr. Dietzler's leadership remains a driving force in propelling the organization toward continued success and recognition as an industry leader.