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How to Decorate a Small Guest Bathroom

How to Decorate a Small Guest Bathroom

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Smaller half-baths can be a challenge to decorate: These small guest bathroom ideas are the perfect place to begin! Let's look at the most important aspects of these bathrooms and what to think about.

Bathroom Towels

Let's start with something simple - the towels you use in your guest bathroom. Towels are an excellent way to share comfort with your guests, and are a surprisingly intimate part of the bathroom, so don't be afraid to spend time thinking about what you want. Here are a few general tips on picking out the right towels:

  • Choose colors to complement current colors, but also to create the right ambiance. Lighter, fresher colors may help a small space feel more invigorating, while muted colors create a calmer feeling.
  • If you are looking for bathroom towel décor ideas, think about spending a little extra on monogrammed towels with your family name. It's cute and makes the towels feel special.
  • Soft, absorbent materials can make a lot of difference. Look for cotton/bamboo blends and similar options that offer the best of both worlds.

Using Your Limited Counterspace

For a small bathroom, your counter space will be limited - and sometimes nonexistent! Make the most of it with a small item or two. For example, a small vase of flowers, a simple plant like Lucky Bamboo, or a candle can all be great décor items in small spaces. If your bathroom counter décor ideas are even more limited because of space, look for a beautiful soap dish and artisan soap that matches your bathroom fixtures…even the tightest sinks typically have room for that much.

Windows and Curtains

Some small guest bathrooms may also have windows. While these windows are typically frosted or layered, it can still be a little unnerving for new guests to sit under a window while they do their private business. We suggest looking at bathroom window and bathroom curtain ideas for a little extra privacy.

Since we also love the clean, beautiful natural light that windows can bring, we suggest looking for very light lace curtains or similar choices that allow as much light into the bathroom as possible without making things awkward. If you have any windowsill room, this is a great spot for a small potted plant, perhaps something like a pothos or monstera.

Flooring and Rugs

First, it's time to decide if you like the flooring your guest bathroom has, or if it's your goal to replace it entirely. New tile or vinyl can completely change the way your bathroom looks but may also require some significant renovation. On the other hand, your guest bathroom may be a continuation of the flooring in the outside rooms, or a style you are entirely comfortable. Talk to your remodeling experts or designers to explore your options here.

Once you are comfortable with the flooring materials and colors, it's time to think about rugs to protect cold feet and help catch stray droplets. Since space is limited, a wrap-around toilet mat is a great small bathroom rug idea. If you have room to add a small rug under the sink, this is also a good idea. As with towels, fluffier rugs with higher pile lengths will feel more comfortable.

Toilet Décor Options

The top of your toilet tank is a like a free shelving area to do whatever you want with! We suggest above toilet décor like a box or small basket that both accents the room and can hold a variety of additional items. That may include some reading materials, a small potted plant, candles, and other items. Some homeowners may also want to include a scented item or even a spray to help deal with unpleasant odors. This is your creative space to do whatever you want with - just make sure that whatever you place on the toilet has grips or non-slip stickers, as it's easy for things to slide off the porcelain surface.

Small Bathroom Lighting

Although space is limited, you still have several options for small bathroom lighting, depending on what inspires you! That includes:

  • Wall sconces: Simple and elegant, wall sconces can provide as much light as you need without taking up too much room, making them a very popular choice.
  • Chandeliers: Small bathroom chandelier ideas focus on simple mini chandeliers that work great if you have a higher ceiling in the bathroom but narrow walls where sconces could be a bumping hazard. Look for minimalist options that match the style of your fixtures.
  • LED strips: These are a great option for outlining cabinets if you have any in the bathroom.
  • Flush ceiling lights: If space is at a premium, a flush ceiling light is your friend. They are easy to install and maintain and provide all the light you need.

Art and Your Walls

Finally, let's talk about your bathroom walls. Since there's no shower moisture to consider, wallpaper is a viable and popular option for half-baths and allows you to pick from a wide variety of shades and patterns. Simple painted walls and even tile designs are also possible - but we suggest sticking with mostly light shades to keep the space from feeling too confining.

Choose from bathroom art ideas that enhance the space rather than take up too much room. A mirror is an excellent pick for making small spaces seem larger and pairs well with a sink, although placement is key (no one likes watching themselves poop). Some simple artwork can be an excellent focal point on spare walls.

Is your small bathroom feeling a little limited these days? Would you love to make room for more counters, lighting, or privacy-friendly features? Maybe you want to add more lighting, change the floor, or redo your current walls. Contact Expo Home Improvement to look at our services and schedule a quote.