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Expo Home Improvement Celebrates Partnership with Roaring Lambs

Expo Home Improvement Celebrates Partnership with Roaring Lambs

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Expo Home Improvement is pleased to announce its continued support for Roaring Lambs, a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and nurturing creative talents and community engagement within Christianity. In celebration of their long-standing partnership, Expo Home Improvement will be a sponsor at the Roaring Lambs Gala.

Who is Roaring Lambs?

Roaring Lambs was founded on the belief that creative expression has the power to transform lives and communities. Expo Home Improvement's vision aligns with Roaring Lambs' mission of transforming lives through inspiring and empowering individuals using various forms of creative expression, from writing to the visual arts. The Roaring Lambs Gala, set to take place on October 21, 2023, is an event that promises to be a memorable evening of celebration, entertainment, and philanthropy. "We are excited to be attending and sponsoring the gala this year," said Amanda McDaniel, VP of Brand & Culture of Expo Home Improvement, "as we strive to provide value to our community through any means." Expo Home Improvement will not only be a financial supporter but will also have a visible presence at the gala, showcasing their dedication to Roaring Lambs' mission.

How You Can Support Roaring Lambs:

Expo Home Improvement is proud to contribute to this organization's endeavors by providing a donation that will support Roaring Lambs in their efforts to encourage creativity, community involvement, and personal growth. Expo Home Improvement has pledged to donate $100 to the organization for every home remodeling consultation that is completed where Roaring Lambs is mentioned. In addition to that, should the project move forward, the company will donate an additional 5% of said project back to Roaring Lambs. This donation reflects Expo Home Improvement's dedication to fostering a positive impact in the community and upholding its commitment to social responsibility.

For more information about the organization or to show your support, please visit www.roaringlambs.org.