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Made for Texas: How Expo Home Improvement Delivers Windows Made for Texas

How Expo Home Improvement Delivers Windows Made for Texas

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We all know everything's bigger in Texas: the wide open spaces, the cowboy hats, the boots, the football stadiums with their Friday night lights, the ranches, and the buildings. Weather patterns can also be larger-than-life, with high winds, tornadoes, droughts, thunderstorms, tropical downpours, winter storms, hurricanes, and the occasional Blue Norther with volatile swings in temperature. The slogan that Texas "is like a whole other country" wasn't just rhetoric; the state holds unique opportunities and challenges for its denizens.

So what does it mean for Texans living where the prairie sky is wide and high — and liable to dump rain and winds on them at a moment's notice? For those who have put down roots and bought their own homes in the Dallas or San Antonio areas, it means making sure the homestead is shored up for every occasion, from the cold and windy Texas winters to the hot and muggy days of Lone Star State summer. That can translate to safeguarding your home against all the elements that buffet it throughout the years. Homeowners can maximize their homes' aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and noise reduction — all while minimizing their maintenance burdens — when they have the right home elements in place. Those components run from the roof's materials to the foundation, but one piece comes to mind when thinking about fortifying a house against high winds: the windows.

You may wonder how you can find windows made specifically for your Texas home's needs. Read on to learn about how you can identify the right windows for your home, whether you're ready to replace your windows, and how to find windows that are custom-made for your needs.

Texas Weather and Your Home's Windows: A Primer

Texas Home with Energy Efficient Windows

Home architecture varies across the United States, and cities like Dallas are known for holding largely new and modern homes with a little bit of that Texas sprawl. You may have even heard the term "Dallas-style home" — or a house with multiple gables in the front, typically with one taller gable capping its brick, stone, or mixed façade. It's just one of the ways this area's homes are unique. Another way is the way they're fortified against the Texas weather.

Not every window in every showroom is engineered to withstand Texas' climates, but ours were created specifically for our region. For example, to better protect the home against the heat, heat-reflective low-emissive glass coatings help to stop heat transfer through the window panes and while maintaining energy efficiency. The low-e coating is microscopic, transparent, and maximally protective against sun exposure.

High heat and sun exposure mean homes need materials that keep heat where it belongs, which is where vinyl window frame options come in. Vinyl frames hold strength that prevents them from warping and rotting, which is important in high heat and humid weather conditions. Their strengths align perfectly with the needs of homes in Texas.

After all, windows serve the home best when they're custom-fit to their environment. One option, our Anlin Del Mar window series, features individually custom-made windows that meet the homeowner's needs in terms of configurations, color, and design, and the possibilities are endless. These windows come with one of the most durable vinyl-composite frames on the market, so they're weather-ready and nearly maintenance-free. As a result, they're made for Texas weather and the needs of Texas homeowners every time.

How Expo Home Improvement Helps You Find the Right Windows

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At Expo Home Improvement, we're experts in helping you make just the right choices to match any architectural style, any climate, and any set of needs for your home, from your front door to the eyes of your home.

Are you ready to update your windows? If you've faced severe storms that have damaged your home's windows, you're facing high utility bills, you can see damage or decay on your window frames, you can hear noises from the outside too well, you see condensation between your windowpanes, you feel drafts, or your windows don't operate like they used to, it might be time for an upgrade. You also might want an update for aesthetic purposes or to better match your home's overall look.

Wondering whether a window upgrade is worth it? Besides the gains in energy efficiency, better insulation, and decreases in utility bills that can result, windows also improve the resale value of a home. According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners recoup about 70% of the cost of vinyl window replacements in the West-South Central area of the United States.

If you aren't yet ready to take the leap, read our handy guide that covers the ins and outs of getting your windows replaced from start to finish.

If you're ready to shop for windows in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Central Texas, or San Antonio areas of Texas, call us at 972-833-4752, take a look at our current specials, or request a free quote or appointment today. Don't just aimlessly window shop. Consult with a locally owned company that will treat you with Texan friendliness.