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Expo Home Improvement’s One-Day Bath Remodel

Expo Home Improvement’s One-Day Bath Remodel

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Pretend for a moment that you happen to find a magical oil lamp. Intrigued, you blurt out various sayings and try different rubbing techniques until, indeed, a wish-granting genie pops out. She offers you one home-improvement wish, telling you she can make over any area of your home that you want to update or upgrade, with no restrictions.

You hem and haw before finally landing on your biggest wish: a much-needed bath remodel that brilliantly matches the style of the rest of your house. And you add a caveat for good measure: You want it accomplished in one calendar day. Ha! Both scenarios seem far-fetched, like extensively planning what you'll do with Wednesday night's winning lottery numbers.

But wait. What if a one-day bathroom renovation weren't a faucet and pipe dream? What if there were a company in your community that specialized in such extraordinary feats of home-remodeling heroism?

It turns out that your wish can be granted after all. Expo Home Improvement specializes in one-day turnaround projects and can transform your outdated powder room into a new, modern powder room before the Texas sun dips under the horizon. Don't believe it? It's no sleight-of-hand trick, we assure you. Prepare to be amazed.

A Bath Remodel Specifically for You

First, an admission of sorts: Our amazing one-day bath remodels technically require two days, as we need a day to come out and inspect your space in order to make recommendations and gather information. We're sorry if that ruins the illusion, but we promise that the results are worth the wait.

Considering that a full remodel of a bathroom often takes two to five weeks for construction — not even counting the weeks-long timelines that typically come with bathroom design and the ordering of materials — a one-day bath remodel represents a magically fast bathroom makeover.

The One-Day Bath Remodel Process

Once you contact Expo Home Improvement for a complimentary, in-home design estimate, a knowledgeable sales technician will come out to your property to discuss all the elements that comprise a breathtaking bath remodel that meets all your needs.

You get to gaze into your crystal ball and visualize your future bathroom, complete with a shiny new roll-in shower that's accessible for those with limited mobility or a jacuzzi tub to turn the room into a sparkling oasis. You can choose from a number of options to increase your safety and convenience, like a shower seat placed where you need it and grab bars placed at just the right level, or a barrier-free walk-in shower option with non-slip flooring and comfortable seating. Or you can make choices aimed at remodeling your bath for enhanced luxury, whether that's jet massage in a walk-in tub or easy shower maintenance with solid-surface acrylic bathroom options.

Expo Home Improvement can replace your bathtub or shower, convert a bathtub into a shower, or vice versa. We're here to fit your fancy. Our menu of available colors and designs ensures that we can customize your dream bath to your exact specifications, and Expo Home Improvement boasts a wide assortment of bath accessories like corner shelving and showerheads to take your one-day bath remodel to the next level. No matter what style of home you have or what bathroom design aesthetic you want to achieve, we have the materials and options to grant your wishes.

After ironing out all of the planning particulars, our professional installation crew returns to your home to complete the one-day bath remodel. You'll be stunned at how quickly and efficiently our team handles the job, with minimal disruption to your busy schedule and maximum satisfaction, guaranteed.

The Expo Home Improvement Difference

If you've been debating whether now is the time to undergo a bathroom renovation, consider Expo Home Improvement's attractive financing offers, including free installation and 0% APR for 12 months. We also offer special incentives for military veterans, public servants, first responders, and senior citizens, and we serve a broad area across the Dallas-Fort Worth, Central Texas, and San Antonio areas of Texas.

Don't deny yourself the comfort and luxury that a pristine new bath or shower provides. We spend a surprising amount of time in the bathroom, from brushing our teeth to showering to getting ready for the day — in fact, one survey found that the average adult spends 416 days of his life in the powder room — so it should be a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing room where you can rejuvenate and recharge.

The cumbersome, dated shower or bathtub in your home can be here today but gone tomorrow when you reach out to the trusted professionals at Expo Home Improvement. Upgrading your lifestyle is as easy as contacting us for a free quote or scheduling an appointment for a free consultation.

It's not magic. It's Expo Home Improvement. And your wish is our command.