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Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Gratitude and Giving Thanks

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I really do think of November as the most magical month of the year. I gather most people would say that December is the most magical, but I invite you to take a step back, and observe the impact November has on our hearts, souls and minds.

November truly begins to prepare us for the holiday season ahead. And it all starts with the most wonderful pause… Thanksgiving Day.

This year, in particular, has been quite challenging for us all. And as November approached, I admit to fearing whether or not this year would rob us of this greatly needed pause! We ALL need a good pause right now.

Would the pandemic cancel family & friends gathering?

Would the election year diminish gratitude?

Will our communities come out and serve those in need?

What will be the fate of November 2020?

I am here to tell you, November is going to be ok. We may be masked, and it may look different, but families and friends are still connecting…and growing closer than ever. Gratitude is abundant…even amid disappointment and hardships. Communities are getting creative on how to serve safely… so no one is without. I promise you, the fate of this November is going to be just as magical. And hearts and minds are already preparing.

This weekend I went to a small country town, with darling little shops filled with local fare. I love supporting local business for my holiday shopping, and I was greeted at each shop with a masked mouth, but smiling eyes. Eager to assist, and a hearty 'thank you' for coming in. Not one shop owner let me leave without a, "Have a Happy Thanksgiving Ma'am!" To which I replied, "You as well, as there is still so much to be thankful for." Their response? "Amen."

Yes, even in a challenging year, so many are drawn to fall on our knees and say: "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is GOOD." For when we are grateful, God is glorified. And I was surrounded this weekend with others who felt the same way. Yes, gratitude is alive, well and abundant!

Later in the evening, I found:

  • A group in my community collecting food for those in need.
  • A neighbor organizing help for a Senior who lost his wife.
  • A co-worker on social media sharing how thankful she is to have a real family at work.
  • A friend sharing daily from her "30-Days of Thankfulness."
  • And hearing someone simply pause and say, "I am thankful for you."

Yes, November is simply magical. I encourage you to simply be. Turn off all the noise around you. Then open your eyes, ears and hearts to your surroundings. Your heart, soul and mind will be encouraged & rejuvenated to see the good at work around you.

Let's commit to making November full of daily Thanksgiving! And then, watch how it impacts those around us. Have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!

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