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Hope = Confident Expectations ❤

Hope = Confident Expectations ❤

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Have you ever looked to the future with great confident expectations?

One month ago, many of us could only look toward the future with much uncertainty. Seems like even at one month later, many are still only looking 1-2 days ahead…as the future is still a bit unclear.

Here at Expo Home Improvement, our team had a choice:

1) Do we choose to look toward our future with uncertainty and fear?

2) Or do we choose to embrace hope, and confidently expect good to come from it all?

We didn't have to look too far to find our answer. Our incredible team members.

When Texas began to prohibit large gatherings, we completely understood & supported why. However, we knew this would affect a big portion of our team…our Shows & Events Team. Home & Garden shows were cancelling, malls were closing their doors and outdoor events were on a permanent hold. Over 30 amazing team members suddenly had no place to represent our brand…and we didn't know if or when events would open back up.

The future was unclear. However, even in the midst of uncertainty, one of the events team members said to me:

"We're going to be ok. We just need to focus on getting through each day with joy, love and hope. And even though I cannot promote our brand in the field, I will be promoting our brand to my social media, friends and family. Because this company is unlike any other. I love this company."

I love that: "Focus on getting through each day with joy, love and hope."

And that is exactly what we have chosen to do!

We are choosing joy, love and hope every single day.

We are choosing to have confident expectations for the future.

We are choosing to spread hope in our community.

We are choosing to care and serve our customers with excellence.

Hope = Confident Expectations.

Join us. And let us know how we can serve you!

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