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How to Develop a Bathroom Renovation Plan

How to Develop a Bathroom Renovation Plan

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Home improvement projects without a plan can turn into expensive messes in a hurry. (This is partly why there are so many half-finished basements out there.) If you want to renovate any room in your home, it's going to take some strategy.

This is especially true with larger projects, like a bathroom renovation. To do a home improvement project like this properly, you need a place to start. Let's go over some best practices for developing a bathroom renovation plan.

Define Your Goals (and Budget)

Before you get into the details of your renovation, take a step back to define your objectives. Are you looking to create a spa-like retreat? Or maximize storage space, perhaps? What about improving accessibility? Understanding your goals will guide all subsequent decisions, as will establishing a realistic budget based on those goals. In addition to defining your goals and setting your budget, have a contingency fund or plan if unexpected expenses arise.

Assess the Space

Take a look at your current bathroom and determine what you like and don't like about its layout and functionality. Are there any features you love and want to keep? What do you want to improve? Consider factors like the size and shape of the room, existing plumbing and electrical systems and any structural limitations. If you identify potential challenges early on, it'll be easier to develop solutions that work with your budget and goals.

Gather Inspiration

From home design magazines and websites to social media platforms and home improvement company portfolios/galleries, it's easy to find design ideas that inspire you. Consider creating a "mood board" or collect images, colors and features that resonate with you and your vision. You can also consider trends, but just keep in mind that these may change quickly. Instead, timeless elements will ensure your bathroom remains stylish and functional for years to come.

Consult with a Pro

Big projects like bathroom renovations shouldn't be attempted by most people as a DIY project. After all, this is a highly complex, involved process that is difficult without major construction or home improvement experience. As such, it's helpful to consult with a professional company like Expo Home Improvement for what to do about plumbing, electrical work and structural changes. Our master plumber is involved in planning bathroom renovations for our customers and will help you avoid costly mistakes. If you hire a pro instead of doing it yourself—you can also ensure your renovation meets building codes and regulations.

Create a Floor Plan

In addition to an overall plan, it can be extremely beneficial to create a detailed floor plan for your new bathroom layout. Consider the original placement of fixtures like the toilet, shower, bathtub and vanity, taking into account how often all of them are used. This is where accessibility is a good factor to consider, as you want storage solutions and other fixtures to be usable. (A walk-in tub might be a good idea to implement if you're concerned about accessibility, by the way.)

Select Materials and Fixtures

Now for the fun part. Quality is important when it comes to materials, as it directly contributes to durability and functionality, but you also want to complement your design aesthetic. Go for materials that have excellent moisture release properties, are easy to maintain and have a low impact on the environment. From the bathtub and/or shower to windows and more, every element of your bathroom will have material options. Just be prepared if there are material or product availability issues, as they may impact your design or timeline.

Develop a Timeline

Speaking of timelines, it's important to develop a realistic one for your bathroom renovation plan. Renovating a bathroom can disrupt your daily routine, after all, so work closely with any contractors or companies you partner with to establish deadlines for each phase of the renovation. Delays happen, but building a flexible schedule helps you prepare better.

Monitor Progress and Adjust as Necessary

Throughout the renovation process, stay actively involved and monitor progress closely. This is why it's so valuable to partner with a home improvement company like Expo Home Improvement that will stay in communication with you, addressing issues and concerns promptly—then making adjustments to the plan as needed. You don't want to go out of scope, of course, as that may impact your budget. But flexibility and open communication are key to avoid frustrations and overcome challenges more easily.

Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Once the bathroom renovation is complete, take some time to appreciate the transformation. Whether you've improved its functionality, enhanced the comfort level it provides, updated its design or a combination of all of these, it's time to soak it all in (no pun intended). The best bathroom renovations are ones that you take time to admire and enjoy for years.

If you'd like help developing a bathroom renovation plan, Expo Home Improvement can help. We have many tips and ideas for upgrading a bathroom and are one of the best bathroom renovators in Texas. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.