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How to Install a Walk-in Tub

How to Install a Walk-in Tub

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Walk-in TubWalk-in tubs are a great upgrade for your bathroom because they combine luxury and safety for an incredible bathing experience. If you've been considering having one installed in your home, you might be thinking about completing the installation yourself. Although installing a walk-in tub can be tricky and is best left to professionals, here are the general steps to follow for a DIY installation:

  • Remove the existing tub - The first step in installing a walk-in tub is to remove the existing tub, as well as any accessories such as shower heads and drains from your current bathroom. You can do this by disconnecting any plumbing, removing any seals, and then carefully lifting the tub out of its place. Also remove the wall surrounds if you plan to replace them, too.
  • Install the drain and wiring - Now that your old tub has been removed, it's time to put in the drain fitting and electrical connections. You should hire a licensed, insured electrician install the wiring to make sure that it is done properly.
  • Install the plumbing - Install all the plumbing your walk-in tub will require such as pipes, faucets, and valves. It's probably best to hire a licensed, insured plumber to complete this part.
  • Set your walk-in tub into place - Set the walk-in tub into its final location and make sure that it is level. Then, bolt it to the floor and hook up all the drains and electrical connections. Make sure to seal any areas where water might seep in or out.
  • Install the wall surrounds - After your walk-in tub is installed, install the wall surrounds of your choice.

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