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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

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Most things may be bigger in Texas, but the average bathroom doesn't reflect the stereotype. The average bathroom in an apartment or small home may be as small as 36 to 40 square feet. That's enough to accommodate the basics like a shower, sink, and toilet, but it may not capture all your aesthetic dreams. But what if you could turn even the most lilliputian of lavatories into your own comfort station Camelot? What features would it contain, and what feelings would it impart?

It's likely you want your restroom to feel legitimately restful. You want a bathroom where tub soaks feel serene, where you blissfully scrub yourself clean, and where you're proud to primp and preen. That feeling of calm can comfort can come in a bathroom of any size once it's optimized to fit your aesthetic wants and your functional needs. You may just need to know a few tricks for making your tiny bathroom look and feel larger.

10 Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

If you have a powder room, half-bath, or other small bathroom that's difficult to decorate or could use some aesthetic TLC, you wonder how to make your small bathroom look larger, brighter, and more inviting. Here are some key tactics we recommend for making a small bathroom appear bigger:

1. Choose light and bright colors — If you have a small, dark bathroom that could use an update, you might want to start by choosing lighter or brighter paint colors that will reflect natural light and brighten up the room. You don't have to opt for the brightest white to reflect more light; softer pastel hues should also do the trick.

2. Make use of mirrors — Who says mirrors are only for topping the vanity? Expand the visual space in your tiny bathroom by installing mirrors along one whole wall — either one large mirror or multiple smaller mirrors. The mirrors will reflect light and patterns, doing the job a window might ordinarily.

3. Rethink the tub — Maybe your small bathroom contains a neglected tub and you
want to convert your tub into a shower. Or maybe a freestanding tub would make the room feel more spacious. Either way, take a second look at the tub to see whether it's serving your needs.

4. Consider a glass shower or removing your shower door — If you're building (or rebuilding) a bathroom from the tile up, you may think about ditching the shower curtain altogether and going for a more streamlined look. Instead of closing off a portion of restroom real estate, a glass shower lets you see the full room all at once. Removing your shower door could create the same effect: Provided that your bathroom has a great drain, a doorless shower could be an option to open up the space.

5. Try a high-gloss paint — If white or pastels aren't for you, consider coloring your bathroom in a uniformly dark shade with a glossy paint. The gloss will reflect the light, which is key to amplifying the visuals in the space.

6. Think about extending the tile — Tile isn't just for floors, especially as it's such a practical material for bathrooms. Think about taking the floor tile up the walls or extending the same tile into the shower. When you create a continuous visual line, you add depth to the space and make it appear larger.

7. Add a shelf or niche to your shower — Maximizing the space in your small bathroom means taking all the opportunities for storage you can find. Think about installing a shelf in your shower to house your soaps and razors, or add a shower niche that can hold your cleansing necessities with style. Thinking vertically will prevent you from cluttering the floor with storage bins and making the room feel closed-in.

8. Install a ledge or some sleek shelving on the walls — Stylish shelves that fit your décor, or a narrow ledge along the length of one wall, can create some perches for your toiletries without requiring any floor space for storage solutions.

9. Embrace the curves — If you're redesigning your small bathroom, you might consider a curved sink or shower to save space. Similarly, you might want to tuck your shower stall into the corner to save floor space.

10. Let the light in — Clean your windows and open the curtains to let in the natural light, or uncover those painted-over skylights. Adding natural light will make the space appear bigger. If you don't have a window, look for other creative ways of adding brightness, such as backlighting your mirror.

Small Bathroom Needs Some Love? We Can Help

Are you ready for a breathtaking bathroom remodel that will rejuvenate your bath and turn it into an oasis of relaxation and calm? If you're looking for bath experts in the Dallas, Central Texas, or San Antonio areas of Texas, reach out today. We can get you a free home improvement quote on a bathroom you will truly enjoy using each day.