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How to Paint Vinyl Windows

How to Paint Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl Windows Painting vinyl windows is not always the best idea because it can cause your window to absorb more heat, which in turn can damage them, or in some cases, even void your warranty. If you want to paint your vinyl windows because they are old and unattractive, it may be better to just replace them instead of trying to cover up the problem. But, if you insist on painting them, make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Choose the appropriate paint and primer - Your first priority will be choosing the right paint and primer for your vinyl windows. Make sure that the paint and primer you pick are labeled "vinyl safe" to ensure that they won't damage the windows.
  • Clean the windows - Before painting, make sure that you clean the window frames with soap and water to remove any dirt and debris. This will help the paint adhere properly.
  • Sand the windows and apply painter's tape - Because vinyl is a difficult surface to paint, you will have to sand the window frames until they're rough to the touch, which will help to make the paint stick. Then, cover the parts of the window that you don't want to be painted with tape to ensure that they won't accidentally get paint on them.
  • Apply primer and paint - Apply a coat of primer to the window frames and let it dry, then apply a coat of paint. Make sure that you clean up any drips quickly so that the surface doesn't appear uneven.

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