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How to Select Energy-Efficient Windows

How to Select Energy-Efficient Windows

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Energy-Efficient Windows

When you're in the market for new windows, you'll want to get ones that are energy efficient in order to reduce the amount of energy loss in your home. But, you may be unsure of what to look for when selecting energy-efficient windows. If that's the case, then check for the following factors, all of which indicate that the windows will be energy efficient:

  • ENERGY STAR® label - The ENERGY STAR® label is a government-backed designation given to windows that meet or exceed their strict guidelines for energy-efficiency. If you see this label, then you can feel confident that the windows you're looking at are energy efficient.
  • Multiple panes - Windows that come with multiple panes of glass, such as double-pane and triple-pane windows, are much more energy efficient than windows that only come with a single pane, as the additional panes create a pocket of air that hinders heat transfer.
  • Thermal performance features - When choosing windows, look closely at the features they come with. If they come equipped with Argon/Krypton gas fills, Low-E glass, and foam-filled frames, then they are likely energy efficient.

Expo Home Improvement Offers Energy-Efficient Windows to Homeowners Throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio & Elsewhere in Central Texas

When you partner with Expo Home Improvement, you can count on receiving some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market. That's because we have both double- and triple-pane windows that are equipped with Argon or Krypton gas fills, Low-E glass, insulating glass spacers, and foam-filled frames that, when working together, are sure to maximize the energy-efficiency of your home. What's more, our windows are custom made to fit perfectly into existing window openings and are available in multiple design and color options to choose from, so you can create windows that match your personal taste.

To learn more about the energy-efficient windows we have available to residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas, as well as throughout all of Central Texas, contact Expo Home Improvement today.