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How Expo Home Improvement engineered windows for smart Texas homeowners

How to Engineer Home Windows for the Texas Climate

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How we specially engineered windows for Texas homeowners.

It's a little-known fact that different kinds of windows are manufactured especially for different environmental conditions. If you're lucky enough to call Texas home, shouldn't your windows be built with the unique climate of Texas in mind?

Many windows for Texas homeowners installed by our competitors are actually manufactured for other regions of the United States. Our windows are specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges presented by the Texas climate because, as a locally owned business, we know the Lone Star State. The sweltering summers and mild winters in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and other Texas cities cause certain window qualities to be more important than others.

What makes our custom-made Anlin Del Mar Windows the smart windows for Texas homes? There are four key factors we took into consideration when creating them:

Low-Maintenance Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are an excellent barrier between the exterior and interior of your home that's meant to keep heat exactly where it belongs. We've purposefully chosen foam that's inserted in dead air chambers within the frame for maximum energy efficiency. With ultra-strong, fiberglass-reinforced inserts, your home will have superior thermal insulation. And, vinyl frames are easy to clean, strong and will not warp or rot over time. They're a smart investment for homes in Texas.

Low-E Glass

Homeowners tell us that they love how bright and cheery their homes are after our window replacement process. That's because our windows feature low-emissive glass, which brings more light into your home without sacrificing energy-efficient qualities. It's a microscopic coating that is transparent and provides maximum protection against sun exposure. This makes it ideal for the Texas climate. During the winter, warm sunlight can enter your home. During the summer, you get the cooling benefits of perfect solar control.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Windows for Texas

Smart homeowners know to shop for ENERGY STAR® certified products because they deliver on value and are rigorously tested to be energy-efficient. Our windows exceed these requirements, helping you save year-round. Nationwide, windows with this certification lower energy bills by 12%. Expo Home Improvement customers with whole-home window replacements see maximum savings both in terms of their bills and energy efficiency. That's not just pocket change but real money you can put to work. And, as a bonus: our windows are manufactured in the USA for extremely reasonable prices without
sacrificing quality.

Custom For Any Style Home

There are so many influences on Texas architecture. Homes in the region vary from farmhouse and Tudor to craftsman, mid-century modern, and ranch. How can one window be a fit for any type of home? We make it easy because our replacement windows are customizable in every aspect: style, color, configuration and more. Whether you are looking for a huge portrait window as a focal point in your favorite room or specific color options to match both the interior and exterior of your home, our windows are a workhorse.

Thinking of a change?

We're eager to help! As a locally owned company in Texas, we know that when Texans work together, it not only makes our homes better but also our community.

We deeply care about our customers and they're our family. That's why we created our custom replacement windows with their specific needs in mind. Let's make a change together - reach out for a free, no-commitment quote today from one of our experts in your neighborhood.