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Is It Time To Replace My Windows?

Is It Time To Replace My Windows?

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People replace things for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it's because of looks. Other times, it's due to loss of function. Inefficiencies are another common reason to replace. More often than not, it's a combination of all of these.

Take windows, for example. Improved aesthetics alone is often enough to justify replacing your windows. But there are other signs that it's time to replace your windows, from high energy costs to interior noise pollution.

If you're asking yourself "is it time to replace my windows," we're the experts to help you decide. Let's cover a few reasons it's time to replace your windows.

Loss of Function

Perhaps the primary reason to replace your windows is that they have lost their function. If your windows are cracked, chipped, broken or worn down, they aren't functioning the way they were intended. This includes windows that won't open properly or protect your home from the elements. Whatever function was lost, however, a new window can replace it.

High Energy Costs

Older and inferior windows do little to prevent high energy costs like a new energy-efficient window. If you've done everything you can to reduce energy costs to no avail, have you considered that your windows may be a big contributor to your high energy costs? Poorly insulated windows, window frames and hinges can be inefficient and costly, but modern designs are efficient and save you money in the long run.

Interior Noise Pollution

How well can you hear sounds from your neighbors, front yard or nearby streets? How well can these outside locations hear you? If there is significant sound passing from or into your home, inferior windows could be the reason. Modern energy-efficient replacement windows not only protect against temperature and energy costs, but reduce interior noise pollution as well.

Poor Aesthetics

Finally, looks could be the reason you decide that now is the right time to replace your windows. Whether the existing style doesn't match the rest of your home, you don't like the individual style of a set of windows or you're updating everything, new windows could be the solution that complements your home. At Expo Home Improvement, for example, we'll consult with you to find a single-hung window style, finish and features that meet your needs.

If you're asking yourself "is it time to replace my windows" then it often is. However, your needs are unique and we're happy to provide customized consultation. Contact us today for a free quote.