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Is Replacing Windows Messy?

Is Replacing Windows Messy?

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Replacement WindowAre you considering replacing the windows in your home? If so, you might find yourself wondering if replacing the windows will be a messy endeavor. Put simply, yes, it will definitely be a messy project. That's because there will undoubtedly be a lot of dust that gets spread around during the installation process. While you may take as many precautions as possible, such as cleaning the old windows as much as you can, you'll never be able to reach every little piece of dust. Plus, all of that cleaning really won't matter once the old windows are removed because, at that point, dust and debris will start falling from where the frame was.

How Can the Mess be Minimized?

While you can't stop the mess, you can do things to minimize the dust from getting all over your home. The most useful thing you can do is to make sure that plastic tarps are set down on both the inside and outside of your window. These tarps will catch most of the dust that falls and prevent it from getting all over the floor of your home or on your lawn. You can also get plastic coverings and put them over couches, beds, shelves, or anywhere else that you think might be in danger of getting covered in dust.

What Other Steps Can I Take?

To be extra safe, there are a few other steps you can take when prepping for a window installation. You can remove any items from the room that the window is being replaced in so that they won't get dirty, or end up accidentally getting broken. Another good step to take is to keep pets out of the area. That's not only because you don't want them to get hurt but also because they could cause problems by accidentally bumping into something or spreading the debris around even further.

So, while the process of replacing a window will cause a mess, there are steps that can be taken to minimize it.

Professional Window Installation Services Offered by Expo Home Improvement

When you're looking to have replacement windows installed in your home, Expo Home Improvement is the company to call. One reason is that we offer the Anlin Del Mar window series. These windows are available in a number of style and color options and are durable and energy efficient. What's more, our team of highly trained and experienced installers will work tirelessly to ensure that your windows are installed correctly and function perfectly, and will clean up the job site when they're finished. So, when they leave, all you'll be left with are beautiful new windows without any mess.

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