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Replacement Windows Value for Resale

Replacement Windows Value for Resale

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Replacement Windows Making the decision to invest in new replacement windows for your home can be tough but it will pay off tenfold when you decide to sell. Not only do new windows improve curb appeal, but they also improve the value of your home. Most realtors would say that the return on investment for replacement windows is anywhere from 70 to 80 percent.

So, is replacing your windows worth the cost? All signs point to yes.

Most homeowners know they need to replace their windows if their kid breaks a window playing ball in the house or if the windows leak every time it rains. These are understandable scenarios where rushing to replace your broken window seems an obvious choice.

In other situations, like when your window makes a loud screeching noise every time you open it or it takes an extra-strong person to open them, people might try to hold off on investing in windows because it seems unnecessary. In reality, if your windows are in these types of conditions, they're likely no longer well insulated and still in need of replacement.

Benefits of replacing your windows

Energy efficiency

When you replace your old windows with new ones from Expo Home Improvement, you're likely to benefit from lower energy bills. How does this happen? Our state-of-the-art low-E glass is designed to block out heat, cold, moisture and other elements, keeping your home protected. You'll waste less money on your air conditioning bill as well, as these durable windows will also help keep cool air inside.


We offer customizable window options that can be made in any color or design you choose. Our design team can help you find the color and configuration that will fit your home's look and feel, improving curb appeal and achieving the style of home you've always wanted.

Reduced Noise

Many homeowners don't realize that noise reduction is actually a huge benefit to new windows. With our strong and durable vinyl windows, homeowners can expect excellent noise protection and a more peaceful home. Our custom-made windows are engineered for superior sound control, so you won't be kept up by your noisy neighbors anymore!

Types of Replacement Windows

At Expo Home Improvement, we're able to offer new windows that fit the design aesthetic you're looking for, no matter which style you're most attracted to. Beyond our custom window options, we also offer a number of styles including:

  • Single-Hung Windows - a classic and common choice for many homeowners
  • Double-Hung Windows - perfect for allowing a nice breeze to come into your home
  • Casement Windows - hinged along the side, these windows open outwards
  • Awning Windows - these windows are commonly found in basements, but are hinged at the top and open upwards
  • Slider Windows - a great addition to any kitchen or room that opens up to a patio space
  • Fixed Windows - these are the type of windows that allow you to take in your beautiful backyard while enjoying the comfort of the indoors
  • Bay or Bow Windows - the perfect choice for a window seat

Once you've decided upon which style windows you need, finding a trusted team of people to install your new windows is key. At Expo Home Improvement, our window installation process is seamless and can usually be completed in as little as one day. We pride ourselves on our top-quality customer service and the fact that our customers say they'd hire us again and recommend us to their friends and family. With that in mind, many homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and throughout Central Texas have put their trust in us to complete their window replacement projects.

To learn more about how new replacement windows can increase the value of your home, please contact Expo Home Improvement today. We'd be happy to help you find the right windows that will make your home feel like new and protect your family for years to come.