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Should I Replace My Windows Before I Sell My Home?

Should I Replace My Windows Before I Sell My Home?

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One of the best ways to know whether you should replace your windows as you prepare your home to sell, is to think like a prospective buyer. Take a step back and look at your current windows from a prospective buyers' eyes. Are your windows over 15 years old? Do your windows get stuck or not open? Do they bring curb appeal to your home? Would a prospective buyer experience a bright, quiet and comfortable environment while touring your home?

Then, think about which home improvement projects they will and won't want to take on. A prospective buyer may be deterred from the effort and investment of window replacement. And if your home is older and has original windows, making the decision to proactively update your windows before they get inspected can help you get ahead of potential issues that could hurt your home's value.

Windows are one of the most prominent features of a home, and if they look worn, your house will too. And when it comes to selling your home now, or down the road, looks matter. And windows have a huge impact on how your house presents itself from the street. When you replace your windows, the benefits start immediately. They enhance your home's interior, comfort and add transformational curb appeal. What's more, those new windows (and the resulting energy cost savings) can be a big selling point!

Enjoy the Benefits of Replacement Windows Now.

We've replaced thousands of windows, and have customers tell us all the time, "Why didn't we do this sooner?!"

No one wakes up, looks at their windows, and gets excited about having to replace them. But once you do take the leap to replace your windows, (especially if you choose to replace long before selling), you'll never regret enjoying the benefits window replacement brings.

So why not enjoy all the benefits of new replacement windows now! New windows can make your home quieter, more attractive, bring in better light, increase energy-efficiency and save you money! You will never regret replacing your windows now.

And with a Double-Lifetime warranty, there is a peace of mind that when you do go to sell your home, the warranty will transfer and the new homeowners will enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Window Replacement Options

The Anlin Del Mar window series from Expo Home Improvement provides energy efficiency, comfort, and beauty, year after year. Our Anlin Del Mar windows are individually custom-made once we meticulously take measurements of each window opening in your home. Then, you choose which customizations are right for your project. We offer limitless color, design, and configuration options. These windows are incredibly strong thanks to having one of the heaviest and most durable vinyl/composite frames on the market. The frames will not warp, rot, or crack, making them virtually maintenance free.

So whether you choose to replace your windows now, or when you go to sell your home, Our team Expo Home Improvement would be pleased to answer questions about window replacement for your home, or provide you a free quote! We can be reached at www.expohomeimprovement.com.