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Should I Update My Bathroom Before I Sell My Home?

Should I Update My Bathroom Before I Sell My Home?

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One of the best ways to know whether you should replace your bathroom as you prepare your home for the market is to think like a prospective buyer.

Bath & Shower Area Assessment

Take a step back and look at your current bath or shower from a prospective buyers' eyes. Is your bath or shower dated? Does it have mold or mildew issues? Would a prospective buyer be excited about the shower or bath space as-is?

Then, think about which home improvement projects prospective buyers will and won't want to take on. A prospective buyer may be deterred from the effort and investment of replacing your current bath or shower to fit their needs and style. And if your home is older with the bath or shower area original to the home, making the decision to proactively update your bath or shower before they get inspected can help you get ahead of potential issues that could hurt your home's value.

The bathroom is one of the most utilized spaces in your home, and if the bath or shower area looks worn, your entire bathroom will too. When it comes to selling your home now, or down the road, looks matter. And your bath or shower area has a huge impact on the impression you leave with prospective buyers. When you replace your bath or shower, the benefits start immediately. A new bath or shower enhances the beauty and functionality of your bathroom, which can be a big selling point!

Enjoy the Benefits of Updating Your Bath or Shower Now.

After thousands of bath and shower installations, we have customers tell us all the time, "Why didn't we do this sooner?!"

No one wakes up, looks at their bathroom, and gets excited about replacing their bath or shower… someday. But once you do take the leap to update the space, (especially if you choose to update long before selling), you'll never regret enjoying that new bath or shower.

So why not enjoy all the benefits of a new bath or shower now! Do you currently have a bathtub, but would prefer a sleek, modern shower? We are shower remodel experts at tub-to-shower conversions. What's more, our skilled installers can complete shower replacements quickly, so you can go about your normal routine as soon as possible!

And with a Limited Lifetime warranty, there is a peace of mind that when you do go to sell your home, the warranty will transfer, and the new homeowners will enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Jacuzzi Bath & Shower Remodels

Our Team at Expo Home Improvement is here to help you create an entirely customized bathroom shower system with our Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel solutions. Our sophisticated and customizable bath and shower solutions by Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel are available in a variety of designs, depths, and colors. And since our systems are 100% non-porous, they are a breeze to maintain and will never stain, chip, mildew, or crack.

You'll be able to select from numerous shower remodel options. From surrounds, enclosures, doors, fixtures, and accessories, your new shower can suit your personal taste and meet all your functional needs.

So whether you choose to update your bathroom now, or when you go to sell your home, Our team Expo Home Improvement would be pleased to answer questions about your bath or shower replacement, or provide you a free quote! We can be reached at www.expohomeimprovement.com.