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Should You Have Windows in the Bathroom?

Should You Have Windows in the Bathroom?

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Whether you're considering adding windows for bathroom renovations on your current home or building a new home, a very common question that homeowners find themselves asking is, "Do you have to have a window in the bathroom?" The short answer is yes.

Why does a bathroom need a window? Bathrooms hold a lot of moisture and accumulate a lot of humidity, and windows provide a natural form of ventilation. If the moisture isn't released, it can damage the foundation of your home and lead to mold, which is harmful to not only your home, but also potentially your health. Installing a fan system is one way to help prevent mold, but windows are the easiest and best option for proper ventilation.

What are the benefits of having windows in your bathrooms?

The main reason your bathroom needs at least one window is to remove moisture from the air. Removing air moisture prevents wood rot and can also prevent illnesses among the members of your household. But in addition to keeping your home and family healthy with a clean and breathable atmosphere, there are other benefits of having windows in your bathroom.

Windows for the bathroom: Let there be light

Windows add natural light to your bathroom, which not only makes the room more welcoming and comfortable, but can also make a small bathroom look more spacious! Windows also add dimension to the room and make it feel less claustrophobic. Even the addition of small bathroom windows can improve the functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom. Combined with bathroom mirrors, you can visually expand the space in your bathroom and quite literally lighten up the space.

Energy Efficient Windows

What are the best bathroom window types?

When deciding what kind of window to add to your bathroom, you have a lot of options to choose from. So how do you narrow down what bathroom window types would work best for your home? Typically, the windows that work best in a bathroom are these varieties:

1. Picture bathroom windows

Picture windows are a great choice if you live on some acreage or have trees and shrubbery on your property that offer a good amount of privacy. Picture windows are larger than a standard window, are stationary, don't have gridlines, and let in a ton of natural light. They work great behind a bathtub or near a vanity and can let you enjoy an outdoor view while taking a soak in the tub.

2. Awning bathroom windows

Awning bathroom windows have hinges at the top of the window that allow them to swing open from the bottom. Because they open from the bottom, they can be left open all the time, even during a rainstorm, and rain won't get inside your home. This style of window can be utilized the most because of this function. They're a great addition for your first floor or basement bathroom because they provide privacy and can brighten up a dark space.

3. Double-hung bathroom windows

Double-hung bathroom windows are a great option for a few reasons. They're compact in size, and they open via a sash, as opposed to swinging open, which is great if you have a smaller-sized bathroom. They can be opened from the top or the bottom, which allows for optimized airflow. If you want to let warmer air in, you open the top sash. If you want to let cooler air in, you open the bottom sash. Because of their versatility, double-hung windows allow your bathroom to ventilate effectively. When installing double-hung bathroom windows, you should definitely consider getting privacy glass as well.

4. Sliding bathroom windows

Sliding bathroom windows are similar to double-hung bathroom windows, but instead of opening top to bottom, they open from side to side. They have a lot of the same benefits, and they're compact so they won't take up much space. Sliding bathroom windows are the most affordable option for bathroom windows, plus they offer great light, efficiency, and ventilation. Privacy glass should be used for sliding bathroom windows, too.

The thought of having a window in your bathroom can seem counterintuitive; a bathroom is a place that requires privacy, after all, but privacy can still be achieved by utilizing proper window size and placement, using privacy glass, and the right bathroom window type.

The benefits of including a window in your bathroom are plentiful, and the health of your family — and your home — will improve when you do. Ready to think about lightening up your bathroom with some new or replacement windows? Schedule an appointment today to get a free quote.