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Should You Use a Contractor or Company for Bathroom Remodels?

Should You Use a Contractor or Company for Bathroom Remodels?

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When it comes to any type of home improvement, whether remodels, renovations, additions or new builds, you usually have the choice of an individual contractor (with subcontractors) or a home improvement company.

Which is better? It depends. While we can't let you know which shade of tan evokes the most accurate feeling of a desert in your bathroom, we can help you decide whether you should use a contractor or company for bathroom remodels.

Advantages of Bathroom Contractors

Using a contractor for bathroom remodels has certain benefits, among them the fact the contractor usually specializes in one area while a company specializes in multiple areas or hires out multiple roles to handle them. Two other big advantages to using a bathroom contractor are cost control (it's usually going to be cheaper) and flexibility (you better hope they're not in the middle of a big job already).

Advantages of Using a Bathroom Remodel Company

Using a professional home improvement company, on the other hand—especially one that specializes in bathroom remodels—has certain advantages that you just won't get with a bathroom contractor. Here are some of the advantages of using a bathroom remodel company for your next bathroom renovation:

  • They can provide comprehensive or complimentary services.

  • The process is potentially streamlined and more efficient.

  • You get access to multiple areas of expertise and a manager.

  • There are usually fewer delays than with a contractor.

Making the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Remodel

Ultimately, the decision between using a contractor or a remodeling company boils down to your project's size, complexity and your personal preferences. If you have a clear vision of what you want to get accomplished, then expertise and budget might be your top priorities. Or, if you're open to ideas and direction, experience and reputation might be the top concern. Do your research and take some time to make the right choice for your bathroom remodel before rushing into a decision quickly.

These are just a few factors to consider. If you have a bathroom remodel planned, contact Expo Home Improvement with any questions or to receive a no-obligation quote. We'd love to help you out, or at least point you in the right direction for a solution that will serve you best.