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Skeptical of solid surface acrylic bathrooms? Get the facts from Expo Home Improvement.

Skeptical of Solid Surface Acrylic Bathrooms? Get the facts.

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Skeptical of a solid surface acrylic bathroom? Get the facts.

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As one of the germiest rooms in your house, the bathroom is the space where quality materials matter the most. Not only should your shower or tub provide comfort but its construction should stand the test of time while keeping your family safe. Compared to stone, tile, granite and many other materials, a solid surface acrylic bathroom offers an inherently sanitary and bacteria-resistant option for bathroom remodels with minimal upkeep.

Even the most skeptical homeowners can't argue with these surprising facts about solid surface acrylic bathroom products like showers, bathtubs and walk-in tubs:

Bacteria Proof

As a non-porous, hygienic material, solid surface acrylic creates an environment that is unfriendly to bacteria. All of our bathroom products are made from 100% virgin acrylic infused with Silver Shield™ Technology. It's an FDA-approved, state-of-the-art technology used in hospitals and medical facilities. How does it work? Silver ions attack microbe cells by continually emitting charges that can penetrate microorganisms, preventing bacteria from growing and reproducing. With seamless installation, harmful bacteria can't hide in gaps or crevices. You won't have to worry about mold or mildew either since all installations are handled by our master plumbers, with a keen eye for fine craftsmanship and sanitation.

Stain Resistant

Ranging in countless textures, styles and colors, acrylic bathroom material is luxurious and beautiful in any home. It is completely customizable, so you can choose the base color, wall surround and accessories you want to create the bathroom of your dreams. Because it is naturally impermeable, stains simply can't penetrate the surface. Acrylic is also extremely durable, resisting chipping, cracking and denting. While materials like granite need to be sealed and maintained to resist staining, with acrylic, your maintenance is simply properly cleaning surfaces.

Easy To Clean

Our solid surface products mimic the appearance of granite, marble or stone without complex cleaning routines. Disinfecting is a breeze and won't break your back. It's perfect for busy families and anyone with mobility concerns because you'll never have to use an abrasive cleanser that requires scrubbing. We recommend cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge and an approved cleaner. Your bathroom remodel is protected with our limited lifetime warranty as long as you own your home. You'll have peace of mind and a germ-free home.

Is an acrylic bathroom the best choice for you?

We've remodeled thousands of bathrooms throughout Texas and firmly believe that acrylic showers, bathtubs and walk-in tubs are an excellent choice for homeowners. It's why we offer top of the line products from Jacuzzi® and BathWraps and guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. Read our bathroom makeover reviews and you'll discover the difference.