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Staying Hopeful in Texas

Staying Hopeful in Texas

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How To Support Local Businesses in Texas

Texas. It's a state unlike any other. And like our fellow Texans, we're proud to be our own little country that's neither West, East, North or South. We're just TEXAS y'all.

When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) began to impact our state, I once again experienced the strength, hope and love our Texas community has in times of uncertainty. I think back to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, and all the uncertainty that followed those moments in time. It was such a sad and uncertain time, yet we saw a community coming together like never before. Everyone supporting each other, caring, giving and serving.

Even in the midst of darkness, Texans were shining bright…just like those Texas stars at night.

Right now, many Texas small businesses are being hit hard, and are struggling to stay open and serve their community well. Our prayers and word of hope surround you daily. Like us, please continue to support these businesses. They all need us.

Here at Expo Home Improvement, we are a small Texas business ourselves. And, complying with government mandates to keep us all safe is our top priority. We are thankful current mandate allows residential construction to continue!

Although we have implemented a strict health & safety policy with our sales and install team, we are fully respecting and following our customers' lead for their comfort level. This prompted a virtual appointment option! We now have TWO options to serve you well and give you the confidence to keep that home renovation project rolling ahead!

The bottom line is like all small businesses, we have still taken a hit. So, could we ask a favor? YOU could be HOPE to us! Here is how you can support local business:

  • Shop Local Businesses in Texas! Please keep Texan companies going strong, like us! We encourage you to research, and choose Texan made-and-grown companies. We service Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. And every town in-between. We KNOW Texas! Many of our competitors proclaim it, but not many can claim it! We can. ?
  • Current & Prior Customers - Please share with your family & friends! Referrals help small businesses grow. They are the greatest blessing we could receive from you, as it says you love our work and trust us to care for your family & friends. And we'll even give you $100 should they purchase! Extra cash is always fun and it's our small way of thanking you.
  • Get Social with Us! Facebook, Instagram, Blogs…follow us! We are active daily, so you can always find a good post to like, comment and share.
  • Remember What We Specialize In! We've got you covered:
  • SHOWER REPLACEMENTS IN NO TIME! Many of our shower/bath renovations can be completed in ONE-Day! Beautiful, safe, anti-microbial and strong. Breathtaking custom solutions, from a trusted/local company.
    • Shower Renovations
    • Bath Renovations
    • Tub-To-Shower Conversions
  • WINDOWS MADE FOR YOU! Our Windows are made in the U.S.A. and custom-crafted to match your home and your unique style, size and energy-efficiency requirements. Our windows are specifically designed for our Texan climate! And we promise the Best Value Price, Guaranteed. Simply said, our windows stand head-to-head with the quality of national brands like Renewal by Anderson or Pella windows, but at a much more efficient cost.
    • Entry Doors
    • Storm Doors
    • Replacement Windows

Thank you Texas! Let's stand together to keep us STRONG. Support your local businesses in Texas!

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