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Tempted to use a bathtub liner in your bathroom remodel? Think again.

Tempted to use a bathtub liner in your bathroom remodel? Think again.

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There comes a time where everyone's bathroom is in desperate need of a remodel or improvement. While the process is exciting, it can be overwhelming to pick out materials and balance your needs and wants. One quick-fix approach is to use a liner instead of a full bath replacement. But, you could be covering up a problem that will never go away. Before making a decision, get the facts about why bathtub liners are a bad idea and learn how Expo Home Improvement does what is right and safe for your bathroom.

What is a bathtub liner?

Essentially, a bathtub liner is a custom acrylic insert that can be installed right on top of your existing bathtub or shower. When installed, it requires very precise measurements to achieve a perfect fit over your existing fiberglass, pressed steel or cast-iron bathtub. This kind of installation doesn't require your old tub to be removed. The liner is glued down with strong adhesives and tape to the old tub and wall, possibly hiding big issues lurking in your bathroom.

Usually, bathtub liners are created with PVC or acrylic materials. These are distinctly different from the material Expo Home Improvement products are made from. All of our solid surface acrylic products are created to be sanitary and have Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection. This technology weaves silver ions throughout the acrylic material which naturally prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

Are bathtub liners sanitary and hygienic?

Considering the way that liners are installed, sanitation and hygiene are a top concern. If the seal between your existing tub and the liner isn't rock-solid, it could allow water to flow into cracks and linger between the two. Then you'll be dealing with mold, mildew, bacteria, and possibly even a funky smell. The worst part is that in order to address the issue, you'll need to remove the liner. All of this adds up to lost time, money, and energy. So, it's worth considering whether a replacement tub is a better option.

Do liners require installation by a plumber?

Installation of a liner does not have to be performed by a plumber and there's no rigorous certification process to become a bathtub liner installer. On the other hand, when you replace your bathtub with Expo Home Improvement, your work is completed by master plumbers supported by highly-trained professionals who have served over 11,000 Texan families.

While demolition and extensive plumbing isn't required for a bathtub liner, one concern is that you may literally be covering up issues in your bathroom. This is why Expo Home Improvement's master plumbers complete work on any bathtub replacements. During the process they are able to detect and address any plumbing issues that could cause mold, mildew, or an expensive leak in the future. If your bathroom remodel includes removing tile, surrounds, or other surfaces, it is a wise investment to install a new tub so you have peace of mind. You can also avoid putting money down the drain by making the wiser and safer choice first!

Have questions about replacing your tub?

Before you waste precious time, money, and energy on your bathroom remodel, reach out to our pros. We'll do more than just cover up the problem: we'll solve it. Let us point you in the right direction and find a bathtub replacement solution that's sanitary, long-lasting and fits your budget.