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The Right Windows to Boost Your Mood with Natural Light

The Right Windows to Boost Your Mood with Natural Light

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Ever notice that you feel a bit happier and invigorated in certain rooms of your home? One factor that impacts your mood is light whether it comes from a window or an artificial source of light. A study conducted in 2014 found that people working in spaces with windows (and thus more natural light exposure) slept better and overall reported better health and well-being when compared to those without window access. Appropriate lighting makes your day-to-day tasks easier and the appropriate kind of light can help you in many aspects of your life, impacting your ability to relax, appetite, level of energy, and mood.

It's also long been understood that artificial light decreases levels of melatonin, which helps our bodies regulate sleep and other biological cycles called circadian rhythms. Spending long periods of time in a room without windows could make your circadian rhythm a little offbeat, making you feel sad or even depressed.

Windows that brighten without a chill.
During the winter, when you're spending lots of time indoors, it's important to get some sunlight to avoid the "winter blues" which can leave you listless and lethargic. However, if your windows are old and drafty, you might discover that they allow the cold in, making you miserable in an entirely different way. That's why our replacement windows are insulated, using multiple panes of Low-E glass as well as Argon/Krypton gas fills between each. In addition, our foam-filled frames will keep a chill away so that you can stand right next to the window and soak up the natural light. You get the benefits of natural light and energy-efficient, cozy benefits. It's a win-win.

Bring light into your living room and bedroom.
With your home, living rooms and bedrooms best benefit from natural lighting. Garden windows and bay windows are a perfect fit for living rooms because they allow tons of light into your home while creating a beautiful view onto landscaping. Bay windows allow light to come into your home from three angles and can add more usable space for additional seating or a bench directly in front of the window. It'll be the perfect place to soak in some sunlight and shake off the doldrums.

For bedrooms, consider ways to bring in natural lighting during the morning hours. Sunlight activates your senses, making you feel energized and ready to meet the day. One danger is to allow too much artificial or blue light into your bedroom. This kind of light can contribute to sleep problems because it causes your body to be more alert. It's often emitted from certain kinds of LED bulbs, electronic devices as well as computer and phone screens. Be mindful and try to filter this kind of light out of your bedroom, particularly during the evenings when you prepare to go to sleep.

Need a mood boost?
If you're considering replacing your windows and want to hit the perfect atmosphere for your home, we're here to help. Contact us and we'll review all of the options for your home and find the perfect window for your living room, bedroom, or any space that could use a mood boost from natural light.