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Top 5 Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Windows

Top 5 Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Windows

The start of spring means is a great time to do some home improvement projects. Whether refreshing your indoor paint, power washing the exterior of your home, repairing your deck, or tackling window replacement, spring is a great time to make important updates.

Window replacement, specifically, is one project that many homeowners put off because they think it's too costly and time-consuming. But that's not true. Replacing old windows can be inexpensive, quick, and easy. Even more, it can increase your home's value and save you money in the long run.

Why Should I Get a Window Replacement?

Here are the top five reasons you might actually need to replace your windows:

  • Your windows are damaged. If you have damaged windows, they certainly need to be replaced. Signs that your windows are damaged and beginning to fail include air drafts, foggy windows, condensation on your windows, and difficulty opening and closing your windows. Window screen replacement can also be helpful if your screens are damaged, too.
  • You experience severe weather. Certain areas experience severe weather more often. If you live in one of those, it's a good idea to be proactive and consider replacing your windows before they even begin to show signs of damage. This is especially important if you live in an older home or have older windows. New windows are better equipped to handle extreme weather and keep you and your family safe during a storm.
  • You want to reduce outside noise. Windows aren't only there to protect you from the weather; they also serve to keep the noise of the outside world out. Especially for people who live near a freeway or noisy area, window replacement can reduce the noise of the world outside. Your home will be much more peaceful if you do.
  • You're remodeling your home. If you're already remodeling your home, you should replace your windows while you're at it. Upgrading your windows increases the value of your home, and if you're already making updates anyway, you can tack on window replacement cost to your overall renovation budget and contractor's cost.
  • You're getting ready to sell your home. Before selling your home you should perform any maintenance possible to increase the value of your home and this includes replacing your windows. In fact, window replacement has one of the highest returns on investments (ROI) when it comes to home improvement projects, with the ROI averaging about 85%.

Benefits of Window Replacement

If any of the above applies to you, you should replace your windows sooner than later. Here are the top four benefits of window replacement.

1. Improves your homes energy efficiency

Windows are responsible for about 30% of heat loss and gain in your home. By replacing your windows and choosing newer and more energy-efficient alternatives, you can save $100 to $500 a year on your utility bill, depending on whether you have single or double-paned windows.

2. Extends the life of your HVAC

Since windows are responsible for so much heat gain and loss, if you have old windows, chances are you're running your HVAC system quite a bit. Replacing an HVAC is one of the most expensive home repairs there is, so if you want to avoid this, replace your windows first. You'll run your HVAC less frequently and extend its life.

3. Increases the safety of your home

Window replacement costs are nothing compared to the price of keeping you and your family safe. If your windows are older and don't lock or seal as well as they used to or if they are worn down, they're not keeping you safe. Replacing your windows provides some much-needed peace of mind.

4. Prevents fading

Your windows let in UV rays, which can be harmful to your home. Your floors, furniture, artwork, and more can fade from too much exposure to the sun's rays. This decreases their value and can potentially ruin some of your belongings. When you replace your windows, you can opt for glass that has better UV filtration to prevent fading.

It's easy to see why replacing your windows is not only necessary in certain cases but beneficial, too. If you're wondering "Who does the best window replacement near me?" look no further than Expo Home Improvement. Schedule an appointment for your window replacement today!