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Walk-In Tubs: 4 Reasons To Purchase One

Walk-In Tubs: 4 Reasons To Purchase One

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Contrary to popular belief, walk-in tubs aren't limited to nursing homes and hospitals. They can be a big benefit to any homeowner looking to upgrade their bathroom and can not only potentially increase your home's desirability and resale value, but will also make your everyday life a little easier.

Whether you want a safer, more comfortable or more aesthetically pleasing bathing experience, a walk-in tub upgrade might be just what you need. Let's discuss four reasons for making the investment.

1. Safety

This is usually the primary reason someone buys a walk-in tub. As we age and/or lose mobility, it's more difficult to enter and exit traditional tubs. Injuries at any age can also create a need for heightened safety when bathing. Walk-in tubs are accessible at any age and provide a door that opens easily every time you want to use it. These types of tubs usually have a sitting area, which is comfortable and reduces safety risks as well.

2. Comfort

Perhaps you don't necessarily need an upgrade to a walk-in tub, but it definitely increases your convenience if you do. They're ideal for issues related to aging, injuries or other mishaps that limit mobility. However, walk-in tubs are a luxury for many. Adding to the comfort of a walk-in tub is the fact you can submerge more of your body in them than a traditional tub (usually about twice as much depth or more). There are other features designed with comfort in mind as well (e.g. head pillows, heat and jet therapy, etc.).

3. Aesthetics

An upgrade to a walk-in tub can improve the look of your bathroom. Not only is the presence of a tub appealing to would-be home buyers, but you can choose the finishes, materials and other design elements that fit your style (and the style of your bathroom). While walk-in tubs do require a little more maintenance than standard tubs, they make it up for it with benefits and features like:

  • Soothing water jets

  • Heated hydrotherapy

  • Grab bars

  • Slip-resistant flooring

  • Quick-release drain

  • Fast fill time

4. Cost

The cost for a walk-in tub can be in the range of a traditional tub's cost, so why not go with the option that will improve your safety and convenience? Especially when you look at the impact on your quality of life and peace of mind, the return on investment for a walk-in tub is exceptional and makes it worthy of consideration.

If you're interested in purchasing a walk-in tub, contact Expo Home Improvement at 972-833-4752 today. We'd love to help you determine the best solution for your needs.