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Want to add a window or door to your home? Read this first.

Want to add a window or door to your home? Read this first.

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Do you find yourself staring at a big wall in your home and thinking "Wow, a window would look fantastic there?" For those renovating or even just making a small improvement, adding a window or door to your home may seem very simple. However, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. Avoid wasted time, effort, and budget by following a few simple steps and working with Expo Home Improvement.

Step one: meet with a contractor or architect.

To properly plan your window or door project, an architect or contractor has the correct qualifications to evaluate the possibilities. Keep in mind that behind the walls, every home is complex. Structural framing integrity must be ensured to keep your family safety. A general contractor or architect can properly assess the space and determine exactly what needs to happen. They'll examine the studs and framing then come up with a solid solution for dealing with a load-bearing wall or any structural braces needed.

Step two: plan your project.

Once you've met and have an understanding of what's possible in your home, it's time to make a plan to execute it. The general contractor or architect will create blueprints or schematic drawings to correctly document the project. This is important so that accurate measurements can be taken. Then, you can work with Expo Home Improvement to choose a style of window or door that best suits your home. Our custom vinyl windows are available in a variety of styles that can brighten interiors and add curb appeal - all while providing energy efficiency benefits.

Step three: get your new window or door installed.

With exact, precise measurements, Expo Home Improvement's installation experts can collaborate with your general contractor to install your new window or door. Once the contractor has completed the opening, we'll handle installation. When you purchase and install a window with us, it's protected by a true double limited lifetime warranty. Having our trained experts at Expo Home Improvement handle installation means that they're installed correctly and will keep your warranty intact.

Step four: enjoy the view!

Let's be honest: this is a pretty fantastic way to the end process. Enjoy your new door or window and the new perspective it brings to you and your home.

Ready to get started? No matter where you are in the process, Expo Home Improvement is here to help you choose the right windows and provide expert advice that you can count on. As fellow Texans, helping our neighbors improve and care for their home is something we love to do. Give us a call with any questions!