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What Are Good Energy-Efficient Windows?

What Are Good Energy-Efficient Windows?

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Energy-Efficient Windows When you're searching for replacement windows for your home, the energy efficiency of the windows you're considering purchasing is likely a big concern of yours. That's because you've probably heard that a good energy-efficient window can save you money each month when your energy bill comes rolling around. You may have even heard that you can save so much money that your windows will eventually pay for themselves. While that last statement may be overexaggerating the savings a bit, there's no doubt that having energy-efficient windows installed in your home will allow your HVAC unit to more easily maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, which yes, can lead to lower energy bills. But, how do you know what good energy-efficient windows are? While at first you might think it's impossible to tell if a window is actually energy efficient without being a window expert, it's actually a lot simpler than you think. The only two things you'll need to do to determine if the windows you're looking at are energy efficient is to:

Look for Energy-Efficient Features

When you're shopping for energy-efficient windows, ask the company you're considering working with what type of energy-efficient features their windows come with. Some of the most popular and important energy-efficient features include:

  • Low-E Glass - Low-emissivity glass has a special coating on it that helps it to prevent infrared and ultraviolet light for penetrating through it. Not only will this type of glass help your HVAC system maintain a comfortable interior temperature, but it will also still allow natural light inside of your home.
  • Multiple Panes of Glass - You'll want to look for windows that have at least two or three panes of glass, never just a single pane. That's because the more panes of glass that a window comes with, the better insulated those windows will be. The spaces between the panes of glass will trap heat or cold air, helping to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Foam-Filled Frames - Window frames that have been filled with foam reduce thermal transfer that happens through the frame of a window by minimizing convection in the hollow part of the frame. They can also add insulation and strength to your window.
  • Argon Gas Fills - This inert gas is a popular, natural, non-toxic, odorless, and colorless gas that is often used to fill the empty spaces between the panes of glass in windows. This type of gas will slow the transfer of heat through the window while also helping to prevent condensation from forming on the window.

If the windows you're looking at don't come with these features, it's probably a good idea to find another company to work with that can provide you with a window that is equipped with all of these features.

Check to See if They're ENERGY STAR® Certified

Another easy way for you to tell if the windows you're looking at are energy efficient is to see if they have been ENERGY STAR® certified. This is a government-backed label that is given to windows that have been independently tested, certified, and verified to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's strict energy efficiency guidelines. If the windows you're looking at are not ENERGY STAR® certified, don't buy them and keep looking for ones that are.

Energy-Efficient Windows from Expo Home Improvement Available for Homeowners Throughout Texas

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Central Texas area and are looking to have energy-efficient windows installed in your home, Expo Home Improvement is the company to call. That's because as a Texas-owned company, we understand the harsh weather that is common in the area and only provide windows that are specifically designed to stand up to it. What's more, our windows are equipped with a number of energy-efficient features such as Low-E glass, argon gas fills, foam-filled frames, multiple panes of glass, and more that are all designed to minimize heat transfer, which could possibly lead to lower energy bills for you. Plus, all of the windows that we offer been ENERGY STAR® certified, so you can feel confident that they will provide exceptional energy efficiency,

To learn more about the energy-efficient windows we offer to homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Central Texas areas, contact Expo Home Improvement today.