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Which Windows Are Most Energy Efficient

Which Windows Are Most Energy Efficient

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Windows are the most multi-dimensional feature in your home. They not only serve a role in design but are critical for a healthy lifestyle, too. Windows let in fresh air and sunlight, which keeps you and your family healthy — especially in the winter months, when light is an important part of keeping spirits up, as the days get darker earlier.

The right windows can affect the health of your home, too. Windows that are strong, durable, energy-efficient, and expertly installed can provide adequate ventilation, keep the weather out, and lower your monthly energy bill.

Whether you're renovating your home or you're building a new one and ready to install new windows, you may find yourself wondering which windows are the most energy-efficient. Choosing the right window for optimal efficiency is important because every part of the window, from the glass to the frame, can affect thermal performance.

What Type of Windows are the Most Energy-Efficient?

While what a window itself is made of is important for energy efficiency, there are some styles of windows that are more energy-efficient than others. These four types of windows all have at least one factor that optimizes energy efficiency.

1. Fixed picture windows

Fixed picture windows are large windows that serve mostly an aesthetic purpose. They're the most energy-efficient windows because they don't open, which means that no air is escaping from your home or leaking into it. Their primary function is to let in fresh light. Because these windows don't open, they're the best choice for places in your home that don't require ventilation.

2. Awning windows

Awning windows tend to be smaller and are usually above doors or in other small places where you might want to add some light and ventilation. Awning windows have a top hinge and open outwardly from the bottom by using a crank. They rank high in energy efficiency because they only have one seal, and when they're closed and locked, that seal becomes airtight.

3. Hopper windows

Incredibly similar to awning windows, hopper windows open inwardly and from the top, as opposed to outwardly and from the bottom. They operate with the same hinge and crank system and only have one seal, which becomes airtight when closed and locked. This makes them energy efficient because there's less chance of air leakage.

4. Casement windows

Casement windows are similar to awning windows because they have a hinge and crank system, but they open from the side, as opposed from the bottom. Casement windows have a seal on all four sides, which become airtight when properly closed and locked.

What are the Most Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows?

When replacing your current windows, the style that is most popular, functional, and energy-efficient is the casement style. Casement-style windows are the most common windows on existing homes. Why? Largely due to how efficient they are and how much light and air they allow in.

Other things to consider when replacing your current windows involve the windowpane itself. You'll need to choose:

  • Frame type. Consider whether wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or metal windowpanes are right for your home and needs.

  • Glazing type. Also consider whether you want annealed glass, heat-strengthened glass, tempered glass, or laminated glass panes.

  • Gas fillers. You can choose between argon and krypton gas fillers.

  • Energy star rating. Keep in mind energy star ratings when thinking through any of these window materials.

  • Solar window film. Finally, you can choose a solar window film, which is applied directly to glass to block solar heat.

When it comes to the windows in your home, not all styles are created equally. While some popular styles, such as single and double-hung windows, may seem like a great choice aesthetically, they're actually some of the worst when it comes to letting air in or out of your home.

Need help finding the right style of window for your home? Give us a call today for a free quote. Our expert team knows which windows are the most energy-efficient and can not only help you think through the best options for window styles and windowpane materials but can help you with the installation, too!