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Why Door Installation Should Be Performed By Experts

Why Door Installation Should Be Performed By Experts

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Many home improvement projects are good candidates for homeowners to do themselves. Picture frames and caulking, for example, are easy enough to learn with a quick online video and some practice.

Other home improvement projects are a different story, however. Whether they're more difficult than you think or involve more expertise than you have, it's best to leave these to the experts. Door installations are one of these areas. Here's why door installation should be performed by experts.

Save Time and Frustration

First off, door installation professionals typically install hundreds of doors a week. As such, they know tips, tricks and techniques that speed up and improve the efficiency of the door installation. What you might learn through trial and error the professional has already learned over the years. Plus, the time they take to complete the installation will simply be less than the time you take, so that's a benefit in itself.

Remove Old Door Properly

If you replace a door yourself, you have to get rid of the old door. With a door installation, the installer will typically remove the old door and hardware (sometimes for a fee and sometimes not). If anything, ask the door installation expert you're considering whether they will remove the old door, as this may help in your decision to hire out the project or do it yourself.

Get It Right the First Time

There's nothing worse than getting to the end of a project and realizing you did something wrong during the first step. Not only do you have to repeat the door install steps, you have the new project of undoing your earlier work. This is a mistake that typically only happens once or twice, which is why you can trust an expert to get it right the first time.

Avoid Unwanted Expenses

Perhaps the main reason why door installation should be performed by experts is to help you avoid unwanted expenses. Not only do you risk wasting time, you risk wasting money due to damaged frames or hinges, broken windows, wrong parts and any other peripheral wear or damage. Hiring a professional may come with an expense, but the benefits far outweigh the risks of attempting it yourself.

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