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Why Now Is the Best Time To Insulate Your House

Why Now Is the Best Time To Insulate Your House

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Certain seasons have maintenance tasks associated with them. Spring, for example, is all about cleaning. Summer brings mowing to mind. Fall is often associated with raking leaves.

You get the idea.

It's true that spring and fall are great seasons for getting home-improvement tasks done, as you don't have to worry about drastic temperatures during the install. But spring is an especially good time to insulate your house so it will be ready for warm summer months.

The Best Time of Year to Insulate Your House

The timing for when you want to insulate depends on your climate. But we can give you a little more guidance for Texas, at least. Since we're in a warm climate, homeowners should insulate their houses before the warmer months (e.g. summer). The reverse is true if you live in a colder climate. But as temperatures begin to rise, more Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio homeowners will be seeking insulation solutions and it may be difficult to book yours in time.

Where Should You Insulate First?

Your whole home can benefit from insulation and it's ideal to get as much of it done in one project as your budget allows. But certain areas of your home should be prioritized more than others. If you're limited to insulating just a room or two, here are the areas to consider:

  1. Attic: conditioned air escapes easiest through the attic, especially during winter.

  2. Floors: ensure proper air sealing and that the floor doesn't change temps drastically.

  3. Walls: reduce the amount of energy your house is using by insulating its walls.

  4. Basement: another way to lower your cooling bill is to insulate your bottom floor.

  5. Other spaces: crawlspaces, ceilings and ducts can all be insulated as well.

How eShield™ Foil Insulation Works

At Expo Home Improvement, we utilize a revolutionary insulation technology called eShield™ Foil Insulation. By coupling eShield™ with existing home insulation, you can create a complete solution to all types of heat transfer. This insulation works with virtually any environment and its multilayer reflective foil provides several benefits. Consult with a professional insulation company like Expo Home Improvement to learn more.

If you're interested in learning more about the best insulation service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, or San Antonio, give us a call at 972-833-4752 today.