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Check Out These Window Features That Can Help Reduce Your Energy Costs in Dallas, TX

Window Features That Can Help Reduce Your Energy Costs in Dallas, TX

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Energy Efficient Windows: How They Reduce Energy Costs - Window Expo TexasHomeowners throughout Texas understand weather extremes all too well. During the summer months, temperatures consistently reach highs in the 90s or even 100s, making the outside temperature simply unbearable. And, during the winter, storms can brew, even leaving snow from time to time. With inclement weather like this, homes become sanctuaries where residents can escape and stay comfortable. However, for some, not even their houses are a safe place. The weather extremes penetrate through weak spots in the home, making the HVAC unit work overtime to keep a comfortable temperature within. With the HVAC unit on overdrive, energy costs can skyrocket. Fortunately, there is a way to help take the strain off your HVAC unit and keep your home comfortable all year around. Just invest in energy-efficient windows. But, what makes a window energy efficient? When choosing between windows, look for these window features that can help reduce your energy costs.

Foam-Filled Vinyl Frames

Unlike other material options, vinyl frames will not conduct or transfer heat. Plus, vinyl frames with foam can provide a better barrier between the inside and outside temperatures. This means a more comfortable home for you during the summer months.

Low-E Glass

Replacement windows with Low-E glass have a lot to offer. This enhanced glass reflects UV light without compromising your view. However, it does more than just keep your home cooler. It can also prevent fading of drapes, carpets, and furniture in the home.

Multiple Glass Panes

Have you ever heard the expression, "the more the merrier?" Well, that can often be applied to window glass panes. Multiple panes of glass can act as additional barriers between the outside and inside temperatures, helping to keep comfortable temperatures in and weather extremes out.

Argon or Krypton Gas Fills

If you want to minimize heat transfer through the window, then argon or krypton gas fills are your best bet. Either gas will fill between glass panes to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Glass Spacer System

For even more energy efficient benefits, consider windows with an insulating glass spacer system. This spacer system will help reduce condensation and inhibit air infiltration, keeping cold and warm air out.

Turn to Expo Home Improvement for Energy-Efficient Windows

For replacement windows that feature all of these components and more, look no further than Expo Home Improvement. We offer replacement windows from the Anlin Del Mar series that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements, the best indicator of a window's energy efficiency. However, our vinyl windows will do more than improve the thermal performance of your home. They will also contribute to its beauty and help better prepare it for severe weather known to the Dallas - Fort Worth and San Antonio areas, as well as Austin and Central Texas. Best of all, our replacement windows will be installed by professional technicians who are internally trained and certified to ensure you receive the optimal window installation experience.

If you're ready to take the next step and have energy-efficient replacement windows installed in your Dallas, TX, home, then contact the professionals at Expo Home Improvement today. We would be happy to schedule a free, in-home consultation with you so that we can discuss our replacement windows with you in more detail.