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Window Removal & Installation Best Practices

Window Removal & Installation Best Practices

Posted in Window Installation

When it comes to home improvements that help with temperature regulation, few know how beneficial a window remodel can be. It seals off gaps, replaces inferior or worn-down materials and improves the energy efficiency of the entire home.

Whether you hire someone or plan on attempting it yourself, it helps to know the right and wrong ways to do window removals and installs. Let's go over a few best practices.

Plan Ahead

There are quite a few factors involved with window removal, which is why so many use a professional instead of attempting a DIY replacement. If you do go the self-sufficient route, remember to plan ahead around the things you typically forget. Take notes again so that you can improve again and then repeat the process.

Choose Windows Wisely

One area that homeowners tend to forget about with window removal and installation is where they live. Texas is notoriously hot, yes, but the state has its share of temperature fluctuations as well, so it's important to choose materials that can handle those times when it's hot outside and cold inside.

Think About Energy Efficiency

It's tempting to get consumed by the details of window removal, like design and fit, when more important areas are impacted. One of those areas is energy efficiency, which impacts cost of living, comfort levels and resale value. If there's an important area you're concerned about, just make sure you compare it to bigger-picture items like energy efficiency.

Properly Dispose of Waste

It's becoming a lost art these days but disposing of waste properly after a window removal and/or installation goes a long way. Even if it doesn't mean a lot to the individual customer (and it will), it will let others in the industry know you care about the details. This is especially important if you had to sign an agreement to adhere to local regulations.

Look Forward

Speaking of, remembering the details is a must in this industry. From weatherproofing and sealing to trim, finish and maintenance/care prep, there are a variety of details to think about even after the bulk of the job is done. Once all forms of dirt and debris are removed, you want to treat the area with Texas' heat and your home's unique comfort, style and energy efficiency considerations you desire.

If you're planning some sort of window replacement—whether a remodel or installation—contact us at Expo Home Improvement today.