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Working With a Home Improvement Company vs. an Independent Contractor

Home Improvement Company vs. an Independent Contractor

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In many industries, you'll be faced with the choice of hiring a bigger company or an individual. Take healthcare, for example. There are large hospitals and medical institutions that come with their own advantages, but there are also independent practices and specialists that have unique benefits. Which is right for you? It depends on a number of factors, like your needs.

When it comes to home improvements, we can help you decide whether it's better to work with an independent contractor or a larger company. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

Working with an Independent Contractor

First, let's look at the advantages of working with an independent contractor for home improvement projects. You may still be able to enjoy many of these advantages when you work with a smaller, local home improvement company (such as customization and local expertise), as the primary potential benefits can apply to local companies in addition to an individual.

Here are the benefits of working with an independent contractor or local home improvement company:

  • Personalized attention: One of the biggest advantages of hiring an independent contractor or local company is the personalized attention you receive. With national home improvement brands, you can't expect this. Independent contractors work closely with clients from start to finish, which fosters a more collaborative experience. If you value direct communication and a hands-on approach, this might be the right choice for you.

  • Flexibility/customization: These contractors have more flexibility when it comes to project customization, but also with scheduling. They can adapt to your specific preferences and timelines and offer more tailored services. For Texas homeowners with a clear vision of the project (and who want greater control over it), a contractor or local company may be preferable.

  • Cost savings: While not always the case, working with independent contractors or a local home improvement company may result in cost savings compared to national home improvement companies. The primary reason for this is because they have fewer overhead costs to worry about, which lets them quote competitive pricing for services. If budget is your biggest concern, this might be the best option for you.

  • Local expertise/connections: Individual contractors and local companies tend to be deeply embedded in their local communities. As such, they can have established relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and other professionals. This can also contribute to cost savings and more efficient coordination of materials and services.

Working with a Home Improvement Company

Home improvement companies, on the other hand, have their own benefits that are more difficult for independent contractors to provide. This is especially true the bigger the company is and the more resources it has available.

Here are the benefits of working with a home improvement company:

  • Professionalism/reliability: Companies will employ teams of skilled professionals who are trained to deliver high-quality results. Contractors don't always follow the same standards and their level of skill and professional development can vary. From project managers to designers and craftsmen, home improvement companies will be able to handle every aspect of your project with professionalism. You can also count on them to communicate and show up when needed.

  • Comprehensive services: The skills of an individual are always going to be limited compared to a company. If your project involves multiple services (e.g., design, project management, installation), you'll get all of your needs met with a company. With a contractor, you might have to rely on multiple parties, which adds complexity to the project (and potentially delays).

  • Accountability and support: There are protocols in place at home improvement companies when it comes to timelines, budgets and material quality. As a result, there is a higher level of accountability and support. You aren't left to the whims and abilities of a single person.

  • Satisfaction guarantees: Home improvement companies can also offer better warranties on services and products, giving you more peace of mind. These protect your investment and ensure any issues that pop up are resolved.

  • Reviews: Finally, it's easier to find reviews of companies than it is for individuals. A simple internet search of the home improvement company will speak volumes about the company's reputation.

Expo Home Improvement: The Best of Both Worlds

We like to think that we offer most of the benefits you see above, both for contractors and companies. As a regional home improvement company that only services Texas with a specific list of specialized services, we combine attentiveness, flexibility and expertise with professionalism, accountability and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Many of our products are designed specifically for Texas weather. From our online reviews and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to our portfolio of work and history of serving Texas homes and families, there are plenty of reasons to have confidence in partnering with Expo Home Improvement for your next project.

If you're debating whether a home improvement company or independent contractor is right for you, consider giving us a call at Expo Home Improvement to get your questions answered and learn about the benefits of working with us. We'd be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.